Tarot Readings


  • 30 minute reading (facebook messenger, emailed, or video recorded) – $35
  • 45 minute reading (facebook messenger, emailed, or video recorded) – $50
  • 60 minute reading (facebook messenger, emailed, or video recorded) – $65
  • 3 CARD SPREAD sent to you via email $15

SEND PAYMENT TO:PAYPAL and include your email address/contact information.


Past Life Lessons Oracle Reading

This reading will help you understand any energies that you are holding from past lives that can help you with the lessons you are moving through in this life. As the sacred ones and characters from the Angels & Ancestors Oracle Deck are from the four corners of the world, they may also reveal aspects of your previous lives or give you an idea of the nations or tribes which you have been a part of. This reading will help you connect with the gifts that have been moving with your soul through lifetimes. However; a challenge may be revealed from a previous incarnation that is still present today. This reading will help you understand and heal the root cause.


Holy Trinity Reading

This a quick but incredibly insightful 3 card reading that checks in with your head, body, and heart using the Work Your Light Oracle.


Cosmic Cross Reading

This readings is perfect for when you are looking for more detailed guidance. It will help you see where you are now, what your soul is calling you to do, what is rising within you, what is falling away, your soul gifts, what is being manifested, the next step, past-life influence, what you need to know, your hopes and fears, and potential outcome



This reading is designed to uncover each element of your current situation or provide general insights into every aspect of your life at this moment. This is a 5 Card Reading that touches on the elements of Spirit, Air, Earth, Water, and Fire, and helps you gain insight into your core self, mindset, physical, emotional, and actions to take.


Animal Kin Pyramid Reading

This 3 Card reading uncovers each of the three animal influencers in your life right now. You will receive your Power Animal (which represents the core issue at hand), Spirit Animal (a positive influence to help you move through the energy), and a Shadow Animal (Which represents a negative influence or fear to acknowledge and heal at this time).


New Moon Reading

This spread is perfect for the new moon cycle and shows you which Animal Spirit has chosen to help you that month in seven specific areas of your life. The cards represent survival, relationships, your personal power, deeper connections to life, communication, imagination, and intuition


The Life Path Reading

This reading is filled with masters offering deep wisdom to increase your spiritual connection or guide you on your path. It also reveals the archetypal character traits that you can develop or share to you support you on your journey. It will explore your strengths/gifts, what's happening in your life right now, what supports your happiness, obstacles or challenges you're overcoming, and messages from your angels, guides, and your heart.


Hidden Treasures in the Medicine Wheel Reading

When you need to dream your world newly into being, you have to discover hidden resources, the deeply buried treasures. When you have already harvested the gems and precious stones from the surface, you are ready to explore the depths with all its beauty and creative chaos. To that end, this 4 card reading will reveal the hidden influences to your situation and show you things that you might not be aware of. This reading follows the four directions of the medicine wheel


Past Life Exploration Reading

Have you ever wondered who in your life has been with you in past lives? Do you ever dream about your soul mate(s) or twin flame? Are you curious about what lessons you are set to learn and what your life purpose may be? Are you drawn to certain locations around the world that you might have lived in before? This is the Past Life Exploration Reading. Using Tarot and Oracle cards, I will provide you with intuitive and Spirit-led information from my Guides and yours all about your previous incarnations. The information that comes up will be unique and authentic to you and your soul's journey. You will receive your reading via email, fully printable and with photos of the cards. Each reading is done with love and clarity, spoken from my soul to yours. Each reading can take about 1 to 3 days to complete; however I also ask that you patiently allow up to a full 7 to 10 day for delivery, as I need to do readings on days that my intuition and focus is 100% connected to Source, Spirit, Guides, and the Angels. You must be 18+ to purchase a reading. Each reading is for entertainment purposes only. No refunds. Readings MUST NOT replace professional medical and/or mental health care or assistance.


Disclaimer: Must be 18+ to purchase a reading/healing session.

All readings/healings are for entertainment purposes only, and MUST NOT replace or substitute professional medical and/or mental health care/assistance. NO REFUNDS.