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Pick a Card: Next Soul Lesson

Hello Beautiful Souls! Today’s pick-a-card will bring you insight into your next soul lesson. Where does your soul lead you to next? What lesson is there for you to learn along your spiritual journey? What challenges might you find along your path of enlightenment? If you’re new to Pick-a-Cards, it’s pretty simple! Just close your

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Pick a Card: New Moon in Scorpio

Hello Friends! Welcome to today’s pick-a-card. If you haven’t participated in a pick a card before, the directions are pretty simple. The photo below has 3 piles of cards, each with a different crystal. Close your eyes, take three deep, cleansing breaths and center yourself. Reach out with your intuition, see with your third eye

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#1 Hack for Working with Crystals

Lately I’ve been seeing Moldavite everywhere. If you know anything about what certain crystals cost, then you know even the smallest chunk can cost several hundreds of dollars. Therefore, I will most likely not be adding this crystal to my collection anytime soon. So how can we work with crystals without breaking the bank? The

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Top 5 Tools for your Altar

Are you curious about items to place on your altar or sacred space but uncertain where to start? Read on to find out more about common and helpful items to place in your space to maximize your spells, rituals, and meditations.

Creating A Story within your Tarot Reading

The missing link to my tarot readings for years was my inability to create a story within the cards and connect them together. Being able to create a story with the cards is going to increase the accuracy and ability to provide a helpful and informative reading to your clients. There are a few ways

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