Angelscopes: 11/24-11/30/19

Welcome to this week’s Angelscopes, my beautiful friends! This week, our messages come from the Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper. Each message comes with a spirit animal to look for this week, to know you are on the right path as these are signs from your angels! Care for others and let them

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Hello friends! Welcome to this week’s Angelscopes for November 17th-23rd 2019. Find your sun sign below and read what message the angels have for you this week! Also read for your moon and rising (or ascendant) signs as well if you know them! They can add additional insight into the energy of your week! Difficult

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Angelscopes for 11/10-11/16

You message this week is to stop looking outside of yourself and recognize that you have incredible power within. You are the magick, you are the answer, you have it all within you. If you’ve been searching for an answer or a reason to focus, recognize that all that you are looking for it already

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