Pick A Card: The Next Phase of your Journey

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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today’s pick-a-card will bring you insight into your next soul lesson. Where does your soul lead you to next? What lesson is there for you to learn along your spiritual journey? What challenges might you find along your path of enlightenment?

If you’re new to Pick-a-Cards, it’s pretty simple! Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, center yourself, and see which pile of cards you are feeling intuitively called to. You may pick 1 or more piles, as there may be several messages for you, or just the one.

Remember, this a reading for the collective so it may seem vague or may not fully fit where you are in life/your situation, and that’s okay too. Personal readings can be booked here.

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  • Pile 1/Left/Dragonfly
  • Pile 2/Middle/Cat
  • Pile 3/Right/Rabbit

Pile 1/Left/Dragonfly

CARDS: Peaks of Joy | Come to the Edge | Yes | Five of Earth, Page of Air, Nine of Air | Angel, Teacher | Moldavite | Take Action

ANIMAL SPIRIT: Dragonfly – Does life seem dreary and uninspired? Have you lost your sense of wonder? Spend time with Dragonfly to recall the whispers from spirit that once reverberated within your heart. Dragonfly has a flair for awakening the inner muse. Sparking curiosity, awe, and fascination, Dragonfly stimulates the creative impulse so that you may shine brightly once again.

YOUR MESSAGE: The next phase of your journey is going to require you to take leaps of faith. You’re being called to journey outside of your comfort zone, which means that you are not going to find joy and happiness within the confines of what you are doing now that are not bringing you happiness. Just as you cannot get healthy if you remain on the couch, you cannot move forward in life if you aren’t willing to do the things necessary to soar. It’s time for you to begin your journey with the word Yes. No matter how scary something feels, if it also gives your heart a tiny jolt of excitement, you must see it through. It is time for you to flow and dance with the rhythms of your passion and into the arms of your purpose.

If your being held back by your fears surrounding money, this is a great time for you to accept help from others. It’s not worth laying awake worrying at night over finances and always expecting the worst to happen. In this manner, we are allowing our mindset to become toxic, and in turn that is going to start to affect our very life foundation. If your foundation becomes shaky – everything will feel off. It is imperative that you spend time logically planning out your course of action, and be honest with yourself. If you’ve put yourself in this place of pity because you are stuck in a victim story line, there is only one person who can change that and it is you.

This next phase of your journey will find you helping others and gaining the skills needed to share your wisdom, knowledge and experience with others. What do you know that you can share or teach to others? It’s about sharing in a helpful way and not in a boastful way of knowing more than someone else, and watching where you are not being truthful or honest about who you really are. There will be many lessons in overcoming the victim mindset. If you are always, “Why me?” that is what needs addressing. When you’re stuck, it can take one shift to get the energy moving again. There is a transformation on the horizon for you, if you are willing to face your fears and do the things that scare you but that you know will light you up. Let the fears fall away and dance in the air of clarity and new beginnings. Connecting with your crown chakra and your divine guides now will help you receive messages about what your next steps should be.

You are closing the door on the past in some way and stepping into a new you, ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

Spirit now is telling you that the answer to moving forward to the next phase of your journey is to take action. You will not be able to accomplish your dreams if you aren’t willing to do something to get there. This doesn’t have to be huge giant strides immediately, it can be as simple as beginning to brainstorm, plot and plan your next steps, always using your dreams as a compass.

Pile 2/Middle/Cat

CARDS: Bone Collector | Never-Ending Story | Align Your Life | Queen of Earth, 4 of Fire, The Wheel | Bully, Shape-Shifter | Blue Chalcedony | Compromise

ANIMAL SPIRIT: Cat – Need some confidence? Or clarity? Whether napping in the sunshine or journeying through the shadow realm, you’ll learn some secrets of self-assurance and perspicuity by spending time with Cat. Cat’s teaching is often one of presence, so pay attention to subtle cues and feelings. Move sensuously, perceive deeply, and awaken your inner feline. Once you do, you will never take any cat for granted.

YOUR MESSAGE: It’s time to spin the wheel and see where it lands. Right now, you’re being called to start something new. It may be something that you’ve been thinking about for awhile but have allowed your ego to talk you out of. You may have put yourself in the mindset of it being too hard, you not being good enough, etc. But this is the time to let go of that type of thinking and boost your confidence, remembering the beauty not only in the world but within you as well.

If you’ve been stressing out lately about running out of time, or feeling too old to do what you want to do, it’s the perfect moment to shed any preconceived notions of where you “should” be in life right now, and to come to terms with time being a human construct. The divine world doesn’t work on a linear timeline, and therefore it’s something that many of us would benefit from releasing any beliefs that this is the case. The only way to see through the fog, confusion, and stagnancy is to make a decision. Stop going back and forth, stop doubting, and take the first step forward. Only you can get yourself out of the never-ending cycle that you feel stuck in.

In order to take the first steps toward the next phase of your journey, it’s imperative that you align your life. This means that you only do/say/engage with the things that help you move forward towards your goals. If your goal is to be a marathon runner but you are still overweight and haven’t begun a training routine, well you aren’t aligning with your goals. Aligning would be watching your nutrition, working out, etc. Aligning with your goals is the most important part of manifesting your dream life. You have to begin doing the things that future you would do, the you that is already living your dream life. Do what that version of you would be doing. This means aligning with people, places, habits, jobs, etc. and means letting go of the things that do not align, and embracing more of the things that do.

You are moving forward now with the wheel spinning towards positive change. Fortune is on your side, and you’re going to feel a subtle shift that will begin moving you forward. As you embrace kindness and understanding for yourself and where you are on your journey, and as you begin to focus on being nurturing of yourself and the seeds of your dreams, you will start to see yourself full of creative focus. The more forward momentum that you begin to experience, the more contentment, peace, and abundance you will begin to see coming into your life, helping you create the happy life you’ve been dreaming of. You have the guidance of Archangel Michael with you now, letting you know that you have divine protection and wisdom with you. Take advantage of this and use it to go forth.

One big thing that can hold us back in life that we may not even realize, is any limiting beliefs that we picked up in our childhood and young adulthood. It only takes one teacher or peer to tell us we can’t do something or aren’t good enough for us to actually believe it. Right now it’s important to revisit these limiting beliefs and let go of the untruths that these bullies put in your head. Its time to shift and transform, and you cannot move forward without releasing these beliefs, you simply cannot. You are called to see the potential in everything, to honor all of the levels of consiousness, honor your human side, your divine side, and more. When you can openly allow yourself to access all of these levels of consciousness you will be amazed at all of the potential that opens up for you.

It’s very important that as you begin to make these shifts in your life, that you also take the time to see how far you have come. Look back at where you were, take stock in all that you have gained and shed, and be proud of that. Celebrate yourself and all of your accomplishments.

Spirit’s message for you right now is compromise. Compromising will help you bring balance and balance can help you to be adaptable to change, in tune with your intuition, and firm in your organization and business endeavors. By being willing to be flexible in life, you will start to see yourself open to new situations that you may not have been open to in the past. This can bring so many opportunities and new information to help you move forward. Be willing to compromise in regards to relationships and careers, as long as it does not violate your personal boundaries.

Pile 3/Right/Rabbit

CARDS: Gentle Gardener | Breathe | Soul Family | 8 of Earth, 10 of Air, 10 of Earth | Child: Divine, Poet | Hematite | Don’t Stop

ANIMAL SPIRIT: Rabbit – Are you hiding something? Is it a secret you are keeping from others – or from yourself? Rabbit can help you to peer through self-deception so that you may live more honestly. Rabbit knows how to find the dark, forgotten pieces of self that are hidden in the subconscious. Rabbit inspires us to invite those lost selves up into the light – to unburden ourselves from secrecy and judgement. With Rabbit, we can learn to become lighter and more joyfully whole.

YOUR MESSAGE: Right now you are being called to tend to the seeds you’ve already planted but have stalled out on, given up on, or need motivation or fresh creativity to move forward with. It’s okay to step back and breathe, to allow fresh air into the situation to dislodge any mental blocks. Take the time to listen to your heart and soul and see where you are being guided towards. Eggs hatch when they’re kept warm and cared for, and this is the way to bringing your dreams to reality. By nurturing and caring for your ideas this same way.

You next step may involve finding your soul family; the group of people with like-minded goals that love you and care for you and help you grow and move forward. Someone you feel comfortable telling your wishes and dreams to and do not fear that they will judge you. A safe place where you can gain insight and feedback and know that it’s all for your highest and greatest good.

If you have been thinking of taking a class, course, or going back for formal education, this is your sign to do so. You will be greatly rewarded by doing this, and picking a topic to be an expert at will help you move forward. Your dreams involve a happy family life, financial security, and this is possible. You are reminded to find the magic in the little things in life. Stopping to smell the roses, enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin, hugging someone you love,etc. As we do these things we boost our joy with helps to destroy any lack of self-worth we may be struggling with. This can then help bring about the end of any difficult times you’ve been going through. Right now the best thing you can do is to embrace the changes and reconnect with the hope and faith that things ARE going to get better.

In order to move forward, you are being called to reconnect with your Divine Guides. Begin to ask your guides and angels and spirit to guide you and provide you with wisdom and knowledge to take your next steps. By forming this tight bond with your guides and giving yourself the time to silently listen for the answers, you may be surprised in how much you gain from it. If you love written word or poetry, you may be surprised as well at how much motivation and insight you can gain from reading or writing from the soul. Poetry is beautiful soul speak written symbolically. This may help you download any light codes and activation that are available for you now. Spend time in the higher levels of consciousness and see what you uncover.

It’s important to find balance and calmness in your life in order to move forward. It’s finding that equality between being human and being a soul experiencing being in a human body. Your greatest asset is your connection to Mother Earth. By taking guidance from her, and by allowing yourself to be grounded and centered by her, you will really see a big change in your life. Surround yourself with plants, flowers, animals, photos of nature etc.

Spirit’s message for you now is to keep going, don’t stop, don’t give up. Even when it feels really hard, you’re reminded to simply pause, breathe, and regather your thoughts and plans, and then keep going forward. Mistakes are a chance to try again. Judgments and criticisms are simply other people’s unhappiness manifesting as jealousy at you succeeding. Live life for YOU and not for others.

I hope these messages resonated with you, and if they did, please let me know in the comments!!

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