Angelscopes: 11/24-11/30/19

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Welcome to this week’s Angelscopes, my beautiful friends! This week, our messages come from the Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper. Each message comes with a spirit animal to look for this week, to know you are on the right path as these are signs from your angels!

Care for others and let them be free

This week you are being called to expand your heart chakra and focus on your best qualities and aspirations. You are reminded that in order to honor others and let them be free, you must first respect yourself and set yourself free. So tune into the great universal angel Mary and let her wonderful healing, divine feminine light bathe you and dissolve the old. Then make decisions that align with your goals and light you up. Imagine a bright light such as that of the full moon. Be aware of Archangel Christiel’s shimmering milky white light extending to your third eye and a magnificent pure white unicorn walking along the light to touch you. This will start to activate your own personal great soul qualities. Watch a higher path unfold.

Your spirit animal this week is Horse.

Be forbearing and patient

You are blessed to receive this message of wisdom. This message suggests that you hold golden wisdom in your divine blueprint and that in your life plan you have contracted to share this with humanity. This path calls on your to practice patience, forbearance, and humility. You may feel ahead of your time. Many will sense the light you carry and will react to it in different ways, so you will need to stay in balance with whatever is happening around you. If you do not fully recognize who you are, your guidance is to sit quietly, place a golden light around yourself and call on Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of Wisdom, to help you attune to your true self. Then expect the deep knowing held in your soul to start coming forward.

Your spirit animal this week is Camel.

Prepare for change.

Your guidance this week is to watch your thoughts. Make sure that they are positive and wholesome. Examine your intentions and make clear ones for everyone’s good, including your own. A pure vision sets your journey to enlightenment and ascension. You have skills and talents that will enable you to bypass obstacles in a clever and different way. It also warns you to be prepared for sudden change or a transition into something unexpected and new. You have all the support and help you need for the transition ahead.

Your spirit animal this week is Raven.

Live as a fully conscious being.

You are being called towards mastery this week. The first steps to mastery is being able to control your breathing. When you focus on your breath, you connect consciously to Source and your place of origin. You’re being asked to center yourself through your breathing or deepen your meditation practice. Work with angel Mary who can connect you with Source. Your heart will then be touched by the ineffable light. Rise above worldly matters and spread love, light, hope and inspiration to those around you. Ask that your fifth-dimensional blueprint to be fully installed, and live it. No matter what is happening around you, be the best you can be.

Your spirit animal this week is Whale.

Listen intently to understand

This week you are being asked to listen with your heart and soul in order to understand what people are really saying. Use all your senses to note what they are truly imparting and what is going on inside them. You may discover more than you thought possible. You are also being reminded that the Archangels work through color. When you wear a bright color or choose one for your home or workplace, the angels can radiate their light and their lessons through vibrations. You are on Earth to learn everything you can while in a physical body, so take every opportunity that appears and hones your gifts and demonstrate them whenever you can.

Your spirit animal this week is Parrot.

Do your part to illuminate the universe.

This week you are being called towards love. By surrounding yourself with love you are starting to connect yourself energetically to the Cosmic Heart. Be open to receiving lots of divine downloads. Remember that when love flows from your heart, it ignites the heart of all those around you. Then, for a brief and glorious moment, you activate and light up the stellar links throughout creation with bright pink love. In this way you do your part to illuminate the universe. In response, the cosmos floods you with love and all manner of abundance. Just relax and trust, knowing that love is coming to you.

Your spirit animal this week is Guinea Pig.

Be disciplined in your home and community life.

This week you are invited to look at the structure of your family life and your friendships, including those with co-workers. Are you loyal to each other? Do you respect each other? Do you all relate to each other for the highest good? are you disciplined or chaotic in your lifestyle? Your family reflects you, so are you loyal to yourself? Do you respect yourself? Do you make choices for your highest good? You are reminded that spiritual discipline is the foundation for true happiness and joy. It is the keystone of ascension. Your angels what you to know that when you consistently practice your spiritual techniques, you can be adaptable, courageous and develop a sense of adventure and fun. Your entire life can expand based on this solid foundation, as self-control confers safety. You can then walk forward in joy and bliss.

Your spirit animal this week is Dog.

Maintain self-worth and self-esteem.

This week you are being told that it is time to remember how special you are. Your soul had to be at least seventh-dimensional to be allowed to incarnate on Earth and, like most beings, when you stepped down into a body, much of your knowledge and wisdom was lost to you. Your guidance is to meditate for a few minutes each day on the gifts, talents and wisdom held in your soul. Then ask for them to be made available to you for your highest good. Visualize a blue rose in your heart and let the healing from the Pleiades pour through you, raising the frequency of your surroundings and touching people with love. This will help you to maintain a sense of self-worth and your true value. You are reminded that many angels are surrounding you and so and some of the magnificent Archangels are working with you.

Your spirit animal this week is Pig.

Be independent but work together.

This week you are being reminded to be disciplined about your spiritual practice, as this is very important to your progress. Act nobly and honorably, whatever the circumstances, for many will look up to you. You must learn to trust your inner guidance. Then decide who you have confidence in and give them your loyalty. You need to know who you can trust because you have wisdom and healing to impart. Look for like-minded others and gather them to you, as together you can fulfill your mission more effectively than if you work alone. Whether you are aware of it or not, you can spread the unconditional love and light of the Gold Ray of Christ, which has a huge energetic impact on those around you.

Your spirit animal this week is Wolf.

Give with unconditional love and grace.

This week you are asked to tune into the comfortable, motherly, nurturing and stable aspects of your nature, and balance it with strong, protective energy that is part of you. Your guidance is to center yourself and come into balance. Make sure you are grounded at all times. Examine your life and see how you can develop your feminine, giving, caring and benevolent characteristics in a sensible, stable, and earthed way. Then stand in your power and demonstrate that you can be true to yourself. Recognize that you are truly lovable, no matter how others treat you. Know that you are a unique and special being and have compassion for those who have less understanding that you do.

Your spirit animal this week is Cow.

See through illusion into truth.

This week you are asked to open your heart and pour love into caring for and nurturing those close to you. When you raise the frequency of your heart center, it enables your throat chakra to expand too. So focus on communicating with love and integrity. Then, ask Archangel Michael to help you develop telepathy and your other psychic abilities. Tune in to download your highest potential and perhaps even the spiritual technology of the future. Your guidance is also to look at the world with fresh eyes. Perceive everything with wisdom. Listen to your intuition to discover the reasons beyond the obvious. Expand your life and remember there is always a new way of doing things.

Your spirit animal this week is Bat.

Keep your heart open no matter what.

This week, it is recognized that you have been through or are still undergoing some sort of test or initiation. You may feel it has been unfair, but your soul undertook it to advance you to a higher spiritual level. Such challenges help you to develop qualities of patience, forbearance and courage. Accept this. Stay centered, calm and keep your heart open. Use all experiences to strengthen yourself and you will move into a higher spiritual level. Then everything will feel worthwhile, as you will see with enlightened eyes. When you pass an initiation you are always rewarded, so something much better is coming into your life. Archangels Mary and Gabriel have touched you with love and encouragement.

Your spirit animal this week is Donkey.

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