Pick a Card: Next Soul Lesson

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Hello Beautiful Souls!

Today’s pick-a-card will bring you insight into your next soul lesson. Where does your soul lead you to next? What lesson is there for you to learn along your spiritual journey? What challenges might you find along your path of enlightenment?

If you’re new to Pick-a-Cards, it’s pretty simple! Just close your eyes, breathe deeply, center yourself, and see which pile of cards you are feeling intuitively called to. You may pick 1 or more piles, as there may be several messages for you, or just the one.

  • Pile 1/Left/Clear Quartz
  • Pile 2/Middle/Indigo Gabbro
  • Pile 3/Right/Rhodonite

Pile 1/Left/Clear Quartz

CARDS: Here and Now | The Grail Knight | Child: Eternal | Refusing to See | King of Wands, 5 of Swords, Queen of Swords

CRYSTAL: Clear Quartz – Energizes and activates your chakras; brings happiness; helps attune you to your spiritual purpose.

Your Message: The soul lesson that you are being guided towards at this time, is to be present. Your next lesson cannot be learned by focusing on the past, nor can it be learned by worrying about the future. It’s about honoring where you are right now, and how far you have come to get here, and what doors of opportunity are opening up for you next. It’s about developing the relationship with yourself that is unconditionally loving, regardless of whatever has happened in past relationships or what you are dreaming of in the future. As you are able to love yourself and honor yourself as you are now, it will carry you into the future as you shed any judgments and criticisms by yourself and others.

This lesson is going to come about as you begin searching for a sacred relationship with another. It may be about reconnecting with a current partner or spouse, or moving on to a new relationship. It could be learning to love yourself and marrying your masculine and feminine energies together in order to bring about equal balance in your life. You’re wary of anything that seems too “perfect” which is what will help you weed out the illusion of the perfect partner, and help you embrace the imperfections we all have. One person’s passion cannot ever be felt or embraced by another, no matter how hard we try. It’s finding a way to bring together two different people with two different passions in a harmonious and symbiotic way that doesn’t work against or repel the other.

To help you learn this lesson, you’re being called to reconnect with your inner child and remain young in body, mind and spirit. You’re asked to see things with fresh eyes and from different perspectives. As humans, it’s so easy for us to get lost in our anger or disappointments and disconnect from love. When we put unattainable expectations on others, when we refuse to take responsibility for our life and actions, and we become dependent on others to help us feel secure, we are in a place that we cannot move forward and grow. You may feel this as a block or being stuck in a negative energy pattern. Let this go, reconnect with joy, fuel yourself with love, even if you have to search daily for the things that you love, you can find them and you can feel it.

This lesson aligns with your path now because there is more you aren’t seeing; there is so much more for you to learn. Where are you refusing to see things? When we close off our third eye chakra and we disconnect from our intuition and our inner “sight” it can bring disruption to the rest of our life. Again, that blockage, those negative patterns we get stuck in can just be fueled even more when we have a set idea of who a person is and what they will do or say without giving them the chance to show you or to speak. Listen to hear, see to really see them without filters. You may be surprised at what you find.

Right now there may be a lot of arguing going on, within your own mind or with others. Whatever is being said, is being done to hurt you or another. There can be no resolution while you and others are in this mindset. You’re being called to master your thoughts before taking controlled action to get the best results. Find clarity, express yourself in a strong, unwavering way. Research, read, consult with others who are experts in the area you are looking for assistance. When you are able to learn and retain the wisdom and knowledge you are better able to make your next move. Watch your words, speak them to communicate, not to hurt someone.

Pile 2/Middle/Indigo Gabbro

CARDS: Observer | Trust | Visionary | Reach Out | King of Swords, 6 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles

CRYSTAL: Indigo Gabbro – Balances the past and present; helps ground you; attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life; helps to see yourself objectively to promote personal growth.

YOUR MESSAGE: Your next soul lesson lies in learning to observe. To look at things differently. To look at things in a new way that can help you break through barriers and blocks that you’re currently experiencing. What do you look at with blinders on – only seeing your side of things? Where can you look at a situation or person differently in order to see other ways of resolution or commitment?

You may feel you aren’t able to trust anyone. This may stem from a past disappointment or hurt; but if you attempt to go through life without being able to trust anyone, it will be a sad existence. Trust is directly related to the health of your root chakra and your sense of safety. If you do not feel safe in trusting others, you will never be on solid ground. You will not be able to build a safe, secure life upon a foundation lacking trust. It may be painful, it may be scary, but it is wholly necessary for you to relinquish control and allow yourself to trust again.

In order to best accept this lesson into your life, you’re being called to learn how to envision what you dream of even though it isn’t yours yet. About helping others without the need to ‘win’ yourself. You’re being called to learn the art of compromise so that it is easier for others to compromise with you as well (obviously this isn’t in regards to your health, safety, or boundaries.)

By reaching out to others, you will start to bring a new, open energy to your life that can help you reach that ability to trust again. As you show your willingness to support and allow the support of others, you will give them the knowledge that it is okay for them to do this as well. Each time we make a step to improve ourselves and do so in a safe manner, others are encouraged by your strength, commitment, and determination. Look for assistance in places you least expect it, and ask for it too. Don’t think it’ll just magically find you. Be proactive about your life and what you want it to look and feel like.

You’re being supported on this journey that you’re embarking on. You’re taking the right steps, making the right moves, and working hard to bring your thoughts into alignment with how you truly feel – meaning you’re letting go of the limiting beliefs and negative thoughts you’ve been stuck in. You’re mastering your mind and this will bring you far along your journey. Don’t be afraid of the things that feel painful to address from the past. Bring everything to light, bring it all to the surface and do not let it get buried down again. Life will be stable and secure for you; happy and successful; loving and abundant; if only you are willing to do the work to get there. You are being supported and will receive the guidance you need; you just have to take the first step to get there.

Pile 3/Right/Rhodonite

CARDS: Blessed | The Fire Faery | Destroyer | Shine

CRYSTAL: Rhodonite – Love, Forgiveness, Emotional Balance, Helps discover hidden talents; Helps one be of service to others.

YOUR MESSAGE: Your next soul lesson learns in understanding that you are a blessed being, even in the moments you feel as far from that truth as possible. There is much to be grateful for in this precise moment, but you may not be able to see this. Look for the stars in your life, the people who makes things that little bit easier; or the situations you find yourself in that give you that tiny boost of energy and strength.

You may not be feeling very optimistic about how things are going, but there is a level or optimism that you’re being called to embrace now. As you begin to see these opportunities for optimism and begin feeling that on a cellular level, you will start to see a bump in your creative action. You’ll start coming up with new ideas and thoughts to make life flow easier for you.

It is time for you to release what is destructive in your life. It is time for you to stop wishing the worst for others so that they hurt more than you do. It is time for you to begin preparing for a new life. This is all leading up to being your time to shine, and shine you will!

As you begin to focus on yourself and making yourself happy you’ll start to tap into the love and joy that lives deep within your soul. We are so easily pushed out of touch with this well of love and joy – the recipe for happiness – that when we stop and think about how unhappy we have been, it is hard to believe that we have ever been purely, joyfully happy. But we can be, just as we were before. Let go of any expectations you’ve placed on yourself or others and go forward with an excitement to explore and learn anew. Don’t try to tell yourself what to do or how to be, just be. Let life, let your intuition, let spirit guide you.

When you feel like life is moving backwards, its time to accept where you are, work through it as best you can, gather the learning moments, and chalk them up as mini-soul lessons along the way. Be committed to putting in the hard work in order to see the abundance and results come to you. Life isn’t always easy and balanced; sometimes its hard and easy to get lost in the tough stuff. But the wheel always spins again and puts us in those moments of moving forward or staying stuck. Always choose better; always choose to learn and go forward. If you have financial troubles, it won’t last forever if you choose to learn how to manage your money better. Work to budget and cut out unnecessary spending. Be wiser, be more diligent about what energy you personally are putting into the situation. If you look negatively at your finances, your home life, etc then that is exactly what you’ll get. If you look at things with the opportunity of improvement and joy, then that is what you will see. Choose to shift, choose to shine and see your life change before your eyes.

I hope that this resonated with you! Let me know in the comments below if it did!

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