#1 Hack for Working with Crystals

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Lately I’ve been seeing Moldavite everywhere. If you know anything about what certain crystals cost, then you know even the smallest chunk can cost several hundreds of dollars. Therefore, I will most likely not be adding this crystal to my collection anytime soon.

So how can we work with crystals without breaking the bank?

The answer is a simple one.

Easy and Affordable Access to Expensive Crystals

The best hack that I have for working with a wide array of crystals is to invest in a deck of crystal cards. This not only offers you the ability to work with crystals that are out of your price range or difficult to obtain, but also gives you an easy option for traveling or carrying with you on the go.

For around $20USD you can find a deck that will suit your needs and your taste. Here are a few options for you:

  • Crystal Spirits Oracle
  • Crystal Angel Oracle
  • Crystals: The Stone Deck
  • Crystal Oracle

Connecting with your Deck

You might be wondering how you can connect with your deck in the same way you would a real crystal. Here are my ideas on how this works:


All tools such as tarot cards or pendulums work based upon the intention we place on them. While crystals will already hold their own special innate powers, when we place the intention of that crystal onto the card we are working with, we are able to use that intentional energy to benefit from the magical properties of that specific crystal.

Today I chose to work with Rose Quartz. By locating the rose quartz card in my deck, I take it out and place it on my altar in my sacred space. The first thing I like to do before beginning any magical work, is to call in my guides, angels, and ancestors for protection and guidance. By asking for protection you will keep any negative energy away and that opens up your auric field for the ultimate energies from the crystal you’re working with to help raise your the frequency of your vibration.

Creating blessings or prayers are the best way to begin your magical work. You can easily find some examples online, but creating your own always holds a special power in it, as they are your true and authentic blessings and prayers.

Angels, Guides, and Ancestors,

I call you in now to please place blue and white divine protective light around me so that I may repel any negative energy and attract only that which will help serve my higher and greater good. And so it is. Thank you.

This will allow you to be divinely guided while also remaining grounded and centered in your human body and will help the crystalline energies to have a free and clear pathway to reach you.

Clearing the Crystal Card

Since cards are spiritual tools, they are open to carrying residual energy from anyone who may have touched that deck in production and processing. The first step to making sure the card carries only the intended energy of the crystal, you will want to clear it. This can be done by simply holding the card and saying a simple clearing prayer.

I now clear this card of any residual energy that may be contained within it. I ask that this card carry only the positive energy of the crystal it represents, and that helps to raise my vibration for my highest and greatest good. And so it is.

once you have the card cleared and it feels ready to work with, you can move on. Remember, only do what feels right and resonates with you. If you feel called to clear your cards in another way, do that!

Setting your Intention

Now that the card is cleared it is time to set your intention. The first thing you want to do, is to look up what the key magical healing properties are of the stone that you chose to work with.

  • If you choose to work with Rose Quartz, you may choose to set the intention as follows:
  • I love myself fully and unconditionally. I see the world with love; and I project my love onto all of the people and situations in my life.
  • I forgive myself for that which I didn’t know better.
  • I intend to fully embrace my relationship/friendship/etc with love.

whatever you choose as your intention is personal to you, and will fit your life as needed at the time.

Charging Your Card

Just like with real crystals, you can charge your crystal cards too. If you do have a stone in your collection but plan to work with the card to carry with you to travel, simply place the crystal onto the card once it has been cleansed. Cleansing your crystal is important too. Once this is done, you can charge the card with the stone and leave it sit on your altar for as long as you feel needed.

You can set the card in direct sunlight for a short amount of time, being careful not to leave for too long or the ink may fade.

You can also set the card in the moonlight to charge it with the moon. Depending on the phase of the moon at the time, you can fine tune it to work with that moon phases energy.

Another great way to charge your cards is with the four elements: air, fire, water, earth.

  • Air: Pass your card through incense, blow on it, or actually step outside and let the wind blow on it.
  • Fire: Hold above a candle, being incredibly careful not to get too close. Also, placing it beneath the fireproof vessel that the candle is in can work.
  • Water: Place under a bowl of water, with sea shells, mermaid charms, sea animals etc.
  • Earth: Place with items from the earth; foods, flowers, leaves, acorns, etc.

Ways to Use the Cards Once They’re Cleansed and Charged

Once you feel ready to start using the card, you can use them just as you would a crystal.

  • Carry with you when you’re not at home.
  • Meditate with it.
  • Keep next to your bed or on your altar.
  • Hold it while journaling.

There you have it! A great alternative to working with crystals when you’re trying to stay on budget.

What are your favorite crystals or crystal decks to work with? Drop them in the comments below!

Much love, light, and moonbeam blessings,

Laura Sirena

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