Top 5 Tools for your Altar

Are you curious about items to place on your altar or sacred space but uncertain where to start? Read on to find out more about common and helpful items to place in your space to maximize your spells, rituals, and meditations.


Setting up an altar can feel daunting when it’s your first time.

Maybe you’re ready to really commit to creating a space for yourself to honor your ancestors, read your tarot or oracle cards, or just want a place to display items that you love. All of these are great ideas for things to include on your altar, but as always, do what feels right to you!


Crystals are a wonderful addition to any Altar or Sacred Space. Not only are they super pretty and add a pop of color, but they also bring in the earth element so there is grounding and a connection to Mother Earth. Crystals can be chosen for your specific altar setup based on their healing properties.

If you are looking to use your altar for meditating, bringing in crystals such as selenite, labradorite, clear quartz, celestite, angelite or other crystals that work with the crown, third eye and even throat and heart chakras would be perfect.

For earthy setups you can use Jaspers, black tourmaline, jet, hematite and onyx and more.

To honor your ancestors, try Apache Tears, Mookaite Jasper, and Tree Agate.

For self-love or relationships go for rose quartz, pink calcite, and malachite.

For passion and purpose red crystals work well – red jasper, red calcite, red coral and carnelian are wonderful.


Not only do candles add color magick to your altar, they also add some fire magick as well. Candles can be great for meditating, for light and heat, for burning rituals in some spells. You can use candles to burn bay leaves for wishing spells as well.


Perfect for cleansing the air, ushering in clarity, and for aromatherapy while working with the element of air, incense can bring a powerful element to your spell-casting, rituals, and meditations.


Altars are the most wonderful place to honor your ancestors and passed loved ones, and to call them in to help you with spells, rituals, and to help you gain wisdom and power from your lineage. Place photos, trinkets, belongings, or other items from your ancestors on your altar to honor and call them in.


Keeping statues and/or photos (including oracle cards) of any Gods, Goddesses, Angels or other ascended masters and spiritual beings (fairies, gnomes, etc) that you are working with, or having offerings for them on your altar is a great addition to any sacred space.

By calling in different gods, goddesses, angels, fairies etc, you can add their magick and power to your spells, rituals, and your life.

Let me know in the comments what you like to place on your altar and feel free to hop over to my Facebook page and share your altar pics with the community!

Much love, light, and moonbeam blessings,

Laura Sirena

2 comments on “Top 5 Tools for your Altar”

  1. I love this! I have crystals on and all around my alter space. I also have candles, incense, a variety of smudging sticks, all of my herbs, oils and waters. I have a few statues, peacock feathers & my crystal ball as well. I hadn’t thought about placing pictures of ancestors or loved ones that have passed on though. I will definitely add. I am currently relocating my alter/space to a larger location. That and because my husband rearranged our bedroom- I will be bringing the alter closer to me. I am loving your blogs and site! Keep up your beautiful work.
    Best Always,


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