Creating A Story within your Tarot Reading

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The missing link to my tarot readings for years was my inability to create a story within the cards and connect them together. Being able to create a story with the cards is going to increase the accuracy and ability to provide a helpful and informative reading to your clients.

There are a few ways you can look at two or more cards in a spread to create a story. I will share with you a few different things I look at when doing a reading in order to create my story. This will help you piece together each card with a common theme rather than reading each one individually by themselves.

The Suits

The first thing to look at, is the suit of the cards in your reading. If you have a majority of the cards in one suit, you will know the overall theme of your reading.

CUPS = relationships, emotions

WANDS = action, inner power and strength

PENTACLES = finances, career, personal safety/security and grounding, beliefs and core values that are personal and authentic to you

SWORDS = mental status, thoughts, ideals, beliefs that have been taught

Having a basic knowledge of what each suit stands for will help you tremendously on its own. But as you combine this with other ways to interpret the cards, it’ll help you read better for your clients.


Each of the 78-cards of the tarot are numbered. The Major Arcana go from 0 to 21 while each of the Minor Arcana are broken into 4 suits with Ace-Ten and then the Court Cards: Page, Knight, Queen, King. The cards are set up as a progression, with the Majors exploring 22 archetypes that we all experience/relate to at one point of our lives or another. The Minors more explore the highs and lows of our day to day life, from new beginnings through to completion. Using the numbers of the cards in your reading can help you determine where on their journey your client is, as well as what that number can be leading away from and leading towards.

Below is a short list of what the numbers can represent within the suits of the minor arcana.

ACE = Beginnings, Opportunities

TWO = Partnerships, duality, 2 sides

THREE = Working with others, community, mind/body/spirit

FOUR = Structure, balance, equality

FIVE = Loss, grief, conflict

SIX = Communications, memories

SEVEN = Victory, wins, satisfaction

EIGHT = Movement towards goals

NINE = Near completion, final struggles, pushing through

TEN = Completion; endings; moving on to new beginnings

Creating the Story

Now, with just these two factors, you can begin to tell a story. If you have several cards of one suit, you will know that you’ve got a theme for the reading. All Cups? You’re reading theme will be relationships, emotions, balance. Now that you have the theme, you can start to craft a story around that.

If you have mostly cups and then swords, it can indicate negative thought patterns affecting the relationship (with another or with themselves). If your cups lead the reading and end with wands, it can indicate arguments and struggles within the relationship, or fighting ones emotions and struggling with anger.

Of course, depending on the number of the cards, your story may change. These are loose examples of how to create the story with the suits

Examples of Creating Pairs and Telling Stories

I’ve randomly chosen cards to use as examples for creating your story.

The High Priestess + Page of Swords

The mysterious High Priestess is mystical, psychic, divine, and meditative. She has secrets and depths that many will never show or experience. She is always in a state of transition, of thought and learning and wisdom and knowledge.

The Page of Swords is defensive, striking with his thoughts and words. When he feels unsafe or insecure, he uses his words to feel better about himself. He can’t think clearly, and he’s on unsteady ground.

When you put these two cards together, it can be read as your denial of your psychic gifts and spiritual beliefs. It can be letting too much masculine energy disrupt the flow of your divine feminine. It’s judging and criticizing yourself or others for their beliefs.

I hope this helps you to create stories within your tarot readings. Let me know your top story creating tips in the comments below!

Much Love, Light, and Moonbeam Blessings: Laura Sirena

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