Top 5 Oracle Decks for Beginners

The tarot and oracle card markets have exploded in recent years, leading to an overwhelming selection of styles, colors, themes, sizes, etc.

If you feel lost over where to begin, read on and find out the decks I chose as the best for beginners!

Today, I am sharing with you five easy to work with decks to get you started on your Oracle card journey!

You can find decks anywhere these days, if you don’t have a local metaphysical shop, try Barnes and Noble or other local bookshops. The internet has tons of options too – Amazon, Ebay, etc. Or you can even find decks to back on Kickstarter! New decks are being created each day, and there are some beautiful ones out there!

The Universe Has Your Back

This deck by Gabrielle Bernstein with the artwork of Micaela Ezra is a great beginner’s affirmation deck. The messages are powerful, the artwork is simple line work with watercolor backgrounds and are thick cardstock and feature a matte finish. This deck is great to pick a daily affirmation to work with, and comes with 52 cards for a great selection of affirmations. There is even a matching journal you can purchase to go alongside this deck. The affirmations come from her book by the same name, which I highly recommend reading if you haven’t!

Archangel Oracle Cards

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Doreen Virtue these days, as she’s basically renounced her decks and all of her work, meaning her decks have ceased being reprinted. While this one may not always be available in the future, I do enjoy using it, and if you can get your hands on it, it’s a great addition to any beginner’s shelf.

The cards focus on the well-known Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Uriel, Metatron, Raguel, Raziel, Jophiel, Zadkiel, Sandalphon, Haniel, Jeremiel, Gabriel, Chamuel, and Azrael. Each card has a main theme, and then gives a small empowering quote from the angel on the card. The artwork is loving and gentle, and a little old fashioned/classic angel images.

While I do not consider myself religious or following one specific religion, I am still able to connect to this deck without having standard Christian Angel beliefs. You can use them if you are non-denominational or if you are strict in your religious beliefs.

The booklet gives you tips for doing readings, cleansing and consecrating your deck, and also provides an additional message from the angel with tips on how to work with that angel as well in your daily life.

The cards are standard oracle card sized with gold gilded edging and can be a bit tricky to shuffle if you have small hands. The cards come in a standard slip cover box, and store easily.

The Spirit Animal Oracle

It’s no secret that Colette Baron-Reid’s decks are my auto-buy ultimate favorite decks. So, it should come as really no big shock that her Spirit Animal deck is on this list.

This deck features the artwork of Jena DellaGrottaglia. The box is a magnetic flip cover and there are 68 cards with a matte finish and thick cardstock, in addition to a wonderful guide book.

The spirits residing in the natural world have much to share, and the secrets of their forgotten language are now available to you.

Inside the guide book is an introduction to the deck, a few card spreads and tips to working with the cards, and then each card has an Oracle Message and a Protection Message. The cards come with a quote on them as to the meaning of the card, and then the book provides an expanded message for you. These cards are so wonderful to read with, easy to connect with, and the artwork is stunning!

If you are new to working with Spirit Animals, this deck would be wonderful for beginners as the meanings are just deep enough for meaningful exploration yet easy to read and understand without feeling like you just stepped thigh-deep in ultra-woo woo ish.

Work Your Light Oracle Cards

The first time I read Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell, my entire life shifted. It awakened something within me that was lying dormant for far too long. It was my first dance with Shakti energy, sisterhood, divine feminine, and rising up and embracing my inner magick and power.

You Are The Oracle.

The artwork is done by Danielle Noel, who also illustrated the Starchild and Moonchild Tarot decks, and features beautiful images, bright pastels, and powerfully translates into your personal spiritual journey. There are 44 cards and a guidebook that includes tips to read for yourself and others, and a couple of spreads to use as well. The deck is split into 5 “suits”;

  • Confirmation Cards – Give the most clear answers.
  • Inquiry Cards – Help you clearly hear the whispers of your soul, voice them, and then let them move you.
  • Action Cards – Give guidance and inspire specific physical action.
  • Activation Cards – Activate energies and healing within you or the person you’re reading for.
  • Transmission Cards – Act as initiations and transmissions, connecting you to the energies that want to work with them in current time.

While these cards do have more of the spiritual woo-woo vibe to them, as they do explore concepts like starseeds, lemurians, pleidians, etc. they are incredibly thought provoking and get you thinking deeper and working at your soul level.

The cards have a matte finish and come on a thicker cardstock, and have a standard cardboard slip cover box.

Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards

This 44-card Doreen Virtue deck is the ultimate in ease for the very beginner. Again, Doreen Virtue cards aren’t being reproduced anymore, but if you can get your hands on this deck or her Fairy deck, they would be great even for younger adults looking to begin working with oracle cards. Each card features a main topic and then gives a small blurb at the bottom about that particular cards message and meaning. The guidebook provides a few tips for working with the deck, and expanded meanings of each card if you wish to go deeper. The cards are glossy with gold gilded edging and come in a standard glossy slip cover style box.

Well there you have it! My top 5 best oracle decks for beginners! Now, I’d love to hear your favorite decks or any questions about oracle cards in the comments below!

Love, Light, and Moonbeam Blessings!

Laura Sirena


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