Oraclescopes: Week of 6/2/19

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This week is going to present to you an amazing opportunity to expand your wisdom and to deepen your connection to the Divine. Where have you been asking for advice in your life? Have you taken time to quiet yourself to listen for the answer? This is the time for you to do just that and to trust in Divine timing. Living in a world that expects instant gratification can be difficult. Right now you need to be patient and trust that what you need in your life is going to be coming to you when the time is right. Keep putting in the hard work, and rely on the wealth of wisdom that you already do have. Sometimes we doubt how much we truly know; so take this as a reminder that you have what you need already and that learning more can only help you expand further.

This week your focus should be on integrity and building up the life you want by standing in your power and true character. Are you living according to the life that you want? When we say one thing but do another, that puts our integrity into question and mars our character. Be sure that you are standing tall in your truth and setting examples by what you believe. Do not bend where you do not feel comfortable doing so. If compromises will inhibit your ability to be true to yourself, do not compromise and do not feel bad about saying no either. You must do what is right for you and your life. Follow that path now.

This week is calling for you to take time for stillness and silence. If you’ve been too “on” this week, at your job, taking care of your kids, doing things for others – use this week to do for you. Turn off, shut down, step away from the phone and computer and television, and explore the quieter activities that bring you joy. Be patient with yourself when you feel you need to jump and do something, like you’re wasting time. You aren’t. Look at it as filling your cup so that you are at your best to assist when someone is asking for your help. Never treat self-care as selfishness. If you can’t be your best you cannot give your best either.

This week is all about embodying the feminine energies within you. It’s time to let go of control and go with the flow. Now is the time to let your body and life move naturally, and let go of anything presenting as resistance or challenges. If it isn’t coming easily for you, then it is not meant for you. Now is not the time to force things, but to instead embrace the easy parts of life. The more gratitude we show for what we are abundant in already, the more you will attract to your life.

This week is going to have a lot of unexpected things going on. This will be good for the most part, but do not shut yourself off for some shocking revelations. You are currently experiencing a total paradigm shift and this can disrupt your life and upset your current routine. Expect things to get shaken up and turned upside down. Its time for you to get out of the comfort zone and start to grow through the uncomfortable. Whatever you have been hesitant on, now is the time to jump in feet first, even if you do not have all the details figured out yet. Have faith that it’ll all fall into place when it needs to.

This week is calling for you to set up a space just for yourself that is sacred and special. A place that you can retreat to for prayer and to prepare for the week ahead. This can be a desk or table top that you are able to arrange items on – crystals, cards, photos of loved ones, items you collect from nature, etc. This can become and important creation for you that can provide peace, comfort, and the confirmation that you are a magickal being with a deep well of miracles and magick within you. Do with this space whatever you are feeling called to do, and know that the Divine is working with you and through you always.

This week asks for you to take a break from whatever cause you’ve been fighting for. This can be something big that you are being called to do more research on, or a smaller argument that maybe continues to repeat itself between spouses or partners, friends or family. Step back and look at the situation from all sides. Where can you open yourself up to learn more before confronting or charging in again? Where can you soften or where can you stand more firm when it comes to what you are naturally entitled to in this life? Make sure that you are remembering that not all battles need to become wars. Fight what is worth it and let go of what isn’t.

This week you are called to see the bigger picture. You are being advised to reach out to your angels and divine guidance team for help in whatever is weighing on your mind. There is a lot that we aren’t open to or able to see that can impact our limited ways of thinking. Be open to receiving this guidance and know that your angels and guides will never ever steer you wrong. What is meant for you is waiting, you just need to be willing to expect the unexpected and believe deeply in miracles and the power of love.

This week, remember that every action has a reaction; and the law of cause and effect. When we are exposed to synchronisity, we often want to write them off as coincidence; when, in fact, it is your divine guide team giving you signs to follow and communicate with you. Remember this deep wealth of divine intelligence that is available to you always and that resides deep within your soul. That remembrance can propel us further along our path than we ever expected to be. You weave the threads of your own existence, weave them well.

This week, think of where you are being judgmental in your life – to others, but to your self as well. This is the perfect time to reflect on your life and who you are to yourself and to the world. What do you see in others that you love and that you hate? How are those present in your own life as well? It’s often said that the things we dislike about others are the things we dislike about ourselves. Spend time taking stock of your life and where you feel you can step it up and where you can embrace change more fully and openly to craft a life free of criticism and judgment. This also includes where you may be comparing yourself too much to others and need to remember that you are perfect just as you are.

This week, see the world through the lens of beauty and marvel at what amazing things exist on this earth plane, including you. When we are able to see clearly and look at our life and the world with clarity, we are able to experience and attract more positive experiences into our life, and come to start expecting more of that positivity as well. When we are able to clear the fog and step out from the confusion, we can craft a clear and concise picture of the life that we want. The more we are able to think positively, even when the situation feels fatal, we are able to produce and experience more of that good stuff and repel what is toxic.

This week, you’re going to be drawn towards unions, relationships, partnerships and romance. Wherever you’ve been struggling or feuding, know that resolution and reconnection is coming, as long as you are open to it. If you have felt at war within your self, know that peace is on its way. Sometimes we are dealing with too much feminine or masculine energy within ourselves or from others and once this is able to balance itself out (especially with the New Moon in Gemini coming) and we are able to fully and openly communicate, we will start to see a big shift taking place. Be open to new relationships if you have been looking, as this week can be the start of something new and beautiful.

Much Love, Light, and Moonbeam Blessings,

Laura Sirena

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