5 Best Crystals for Aura Work

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Crystals are some of the best tools to use for cleansing and protecting your aura, and today I am going to share with you my top 5 go-to crystals that I reach for when doing a crystal healing.

Remember, always use whatever resonates with you. This list is not a must-do but these are the crystals that I prefer to use.

And remember to share your favorite aura crystals with me in the comments below. i’d love to hear from you!


raw selenite wands and tumbled selenite stone

Selenite is the perfect crystal for cleansing your entire aura. It is incredibly high vibrational and can cleanse the entire aura, strengthen your connection to the angelic realm, and also enhances your natural psychic abilities, namely clairaudience. Selenite is able to help us release stuck negative emotions, cleanse and shift stagnant energy, and helps to balance and stabilize your physical body and emotions.

To use selenite, get yourself a selenite wand if you can, and use it to sweep over your entire body – a few inches above it. Brush in a downward sweeping motion from head to toes, and the earth can absorb this negative energy you’re removing and is able to transmute and release it back into the universe as positive energy.


raw black tourmaline and small tumbled point

On the flip side of cleansing your aura, is grounding and protecting it, which is exactly what black tourmaline does. It is the perfect stone for protecting you from negative energy, intentions, and emotions. It clears your aura by grounding and protecting it. Black Tourmaline is able to clear, cleanse, and protect you from any energy blockages that you may be experiencing. It is also wonderful for protection from electromagnetic waves from electronics, which some people can be very sensitive too. Black Tourmaline is able to create a protective shield around your aura so that negative energy cannot penetrate it.


tumbled heart, raw carved angel, and tumbled labradorite

Once you have your aura cleared, cleansed, and grounded, Labradorite is a wonderful stone to use to keep your positive energy inside and seal off your aura. It strengthens the aura too, which makes it harder for lower vibrational energy to get through. Labradorite connects you with the energy of divine light which offers a different type of protection than the black tourmaline, so you’re doubly protected. Labradorite is also wonderful for clearing and opening all of your chakras, which also helps keep your aura strong and in tip top shape!


raw cluster with points, raw tower, raw chunk, polished palm stone, polished carved angel, raw point clear quartz

Clear Quartz is a highly underrated crystal. Clear Quartz is able to amplify the energy of any crystal you are using with it. This means that the strength of the healing properties is increased! Clear Quartz is able to cleanse and protect your auric field as well as increase it, which means you get even more protective energy between yourself and any negativity lurking around. Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing stone, and is able to connect you to the universe beyond your self, and also energizes and activates all of your chakras.


raw fluorite, polished pyramid, tumbled stone

Fluorite is a newer favorite of mine for the aura. Fluorite is able to protect and stabilize auric energy, neutralize and absorb stress and negative energy as well as ground any excess energy you may have. Fluorite helps to heighten your intuitive awareness and also brings mental clarity. Fluorite also works as a psychic shield and can deflect any negative energy back out.

Well, that’s it for me today, friends! I hope that you enjoyed this list of my top 5 aura crystals, and don’t forget to let me know yours too!

Much love, light, and moonbeam blessings,

Laura Sirena

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