The Light + Shadow of Tarot Reading

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I have been hard at work on the Discovery Through Tarot Challenge that starts on May 13th (You can still get in on that if you want! Just follow this link to sign up ) and as I’ve been exploring what I want to share with all of you, I have started to see more growth in my own personal, intuitive way of reading the cards.

Many books and readers interpret the cards as Upright (positive) and Reversal (negative). So say you draw the 2 of Cups. Upright this would indicate a loving relationship but reversed it may indicate trouble within your relationship. I can agree that this may very well be the case, however; my new approach to reading is that reversals are more a sign that there is inner work, shadow work to do rather than an external interpretation. Example, that 2 of Cups reversed may indicate that you are projecting within the relationship, maybe you are co-dependent and cannot exist outside of a relationship. You may need to explore your energies and find balance between the masculine and feminine. I believe it is within you that needs to be discovered over the relationship as a whole.

Of course it depends on what spread you are using as far as how you will interpret a card. Mainly I tend to read without spreads, so it would be fully up to my intuition to decipher whether that card has a light or shadow connotation, and whether that is an inner healing that needs to take place, or it is an external one.

I don’t believe there is any negatives to tarot. The only way to see negatively is to be blocking your willingness to work with the shadow side of yourself.

I don’t believe there is any negatives to tarot. The only way to see negatively is to be blocking your willingness to work with the shadow side of yourself. When we are open to exploring the things that we associate with shame, guilt, grief, embarrassment we are then actually opening ourselves up to living a very balanced life where we can open ourselves up to receiving more of the good stuff because we are flowing and standing in our feminine energy and not allowing our emotions to be dammed and blocked up. These blocked emotions can cause physical, emotional, and mental health symptoms.

Tarot can be an amazing self-discovery tool, and that is my main purpose for reading. When I first began reading, I was always turned off by the idea of having tarot reversals. It may have been my OCD not liking cards upside down in my deck, but I wouldn’t read them if they came up. Now, as I’m 14 years into the craft, I am beginning to read them. If they come up, I believe that has special meaning.

I will be exploring this much much more in future posts. I have been trying to sit down and at least get this out onto the blog. I’d love to know your thoughts about this so please drop them in the comments and lets start a conversation!

Much Love, Light, and Moonbeam Blessings,

Laura Sirena


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