Oraclescopes – Week of 4/28/19

This week you are being asked to work with the Bee Spirit and Archangel Preminilek to spread heart healing with joy. When we work from a place in our hearts of pure unconditional love and joy, we can actually bring healing to the world! If you’re doubting your ability to have an impact on the world and bring about change, stop. One person CAN make a difference, and it CAN start with you. As you heal yourself and begin to encourage others to heal as well, this is how we are able to reconnect to the Collective and heal not only ourselves, but the planet as well.

Archangels Azriel and Bhokpi are asking you to work with them alongside Raven Spirit this week, and to be prepared for change. We do not need to fear change, in fact, this week you may find yourself spreading your wings and soaring to new heights. Remember that you are always being guided and protected, and the fear you feel is just a way of your human side keeping you “Safe”. But your soul is encouraging you to go forward and try new things that will raise your vibe and expand your consciousness. You do not need to be afraid.

The snake and the Elemental Kingdom are with you this week, and they are encouraging you to live according to your Divine Essence. When we go into the world from a place of true authenticity, we inspire others to do the same. This may seem like it is creating a chasm, as we are asking others to be different and not follow the crowd, but this in fact is creating a stronger bond among the collective, as authenticity brings together all of us. It encourages us all to begin living and creating from a unique place that no one else can duplicate or replicate. It forces us to think and act as we feel naturally inclined to do so. Spend time thinking about the areas of your life where you are not being true to yourself and instead doing what others are doing. Spend time journaling about that, and see what comes up.

Horse Spirit and Archangels Mary & Christiel are with you this week, bringing the message to care for others and let them be free. When we love someone, we often put conditions upon that love. When they do not act as we expect them to, we get mad. This week, you are being called to love unconditionally – drop all expectations – and love the people you’re with for who they truly and uniquely are. When we allow someone to show up freely and let them love us in their own way, magic can happen.

Archangel Premilinek and Ant Spirit come with the message to cooperate for the highest good of the community. It is easy to seclude ourselves at time, and hide behind the guise of the introvert. But when we are able to step past our own limitations and live within the community, we can find like-minded people who are able to help us ascend to heights we wouldn’t be able to reach alone. This may be through teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, and more. Be yourself, show up as who you are and what you believe, and watch the opportunities unfold. You are not alone in this life, you are one of many in the collective.

This week you have the energies of Elephant Spirit and Archangels Mary & Raphael with you. You are being asked to open yourself up to true abundance. Keep your frequency high by having fun, playing and being joyful! Archangel Raphael carries wonderful healing energies, so tap into that any time you are in need of healing. You have the energy of the Diving Feminine within you, that is a part of your unique magick, embody it, embrace it, and share your wisdom with the world.

Camel Spirit and Archangel Jophiel this week call on your to be forbearing and patient. You hold golden wisdom in your divine blueprint and that in your life plan you have contracted to share that with humanity. You are being called to practice patience, forbearance and humility. Even if you feel ahead of your time, many are still sensing the light that you carry and are going to react to it in many different ways, so stay in balance regardless of what is going on around you. If you do not feel you know yourself and who you are, spend time in silence working with Archangel Jophiel.

Kangaroo Spirit and Archangels Roquiel, Gersisa, and Sandalphon are with this week, and they ask you to be a force for good. Show up in your life this week as a wise, balanced, compassionate leader. Be a peaceful warrior, and upholder of justice and equality. Help those particularly who are vulnerable. Treat the planet with love and respect and you will see nature begin to support you. When you show up in the world as a kind, loving, generous, good person, it will be infectious, and others will start to do the same. Be that light for others.

You have the energy of Shark Spirit and Archangels Metatron and Joules this week, asking you to lead as a powerful, peaceful warrior. You are called on to strengthen and discipline yourself, claim your power and act as a calm, wise influence for the highest good of all. To do this, develop all five senses to tune in to the needs of those around you. You may find yourself needing to sacrifice a little this week, but remember that you are strong, sensitive, and important, and that you are able to replenish where you sacrifice easily, as long as you keep the right mindset that allows you to stay strong and not burn out.

Owl Spirit and Archangel Bhokpi ask you to listen to the messages of the angels. You are a wise teacher and you are being advised to use your knowledge carefully. You are not just imparting information, when you communicate the energy of your aura is raising the frequency of those you speak to and helping to enlighten them. This is a part of your sacred mission. Watch how people are drawn to you this week, and use your words wisely because you have more impact on them than you realize.

Cat Spirit and Archangel Raphael are with you this week, asking you to be relaxed and independent. Remember, everything that you need to know is already within you. Take the time and let yourself relax and surrender to the divine in order to access your innate wisdom and knowing. Then be aware you will be raising your frequency as well as that of all those around you. When you are able to work from a heart-centered space, you spread peace, love, and healing. This keeps you and your home and loved ones all protected. Stay in this space this week.

This week you have the energies of Dolphin Spirit and Archangel Joules with you, asking you to live joyfully in the present. You are a special, highly evolved being. Throughout your journey, you may not have been faultless, no one is. But that is all in the past. You are now a light bearer, carrying sacred geometric keys and codes from this and other universes. Dance. Play. Do what makes your heart happy! Your task is to lighten up and be joyful and gracious as you spread your wisdom. This will bring healing to all.

Much Love, Lights, and Moonbeam Blessings,

Laura Sirena


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