Pluto’s Gone Retrograde?!

Hello Beautiful Souls!

April 24th found Pluto going retrograde, and this retrograde goes until October 3rd.

So what is a Retrograde anyway?

A retrograde is when a planet slows down and appears to almost be going backwards. Of course that is not possible, but it can make the attributes of that planet in our charts make things seem to have come to a standstill, or block them up. For example, the most well known retrograde – Mercury – can cause tech problems, communication problems, and more.

But retrogrades aren’t a bad thing! Most of the time, we can work with the slowed down energy to handle some shadow aspects of our life that maybe we’ve been ignoring. And there are even retrogrades that bring us some magickal and manifesting energies that get slowed down for us to enjoy even longer! So first things first – don’t fear the retrogrades! If you do feel fearful, that means that planet is giving you a sign that there’s work to do!

So what does Pluto rule?

Great question! .

Pluto is the planet of transformation, and it governs death & rebirth,and its energy helps us deconstruct what isn’t working in our lives while simultaneously filling us with the strength we need to start rebuilding.

Pluto’s main purpose is to help us discover where we aren’t being authentic in our lives on a spiritual & energetic level and encourages us to spread our wings and rise to be the highest version of ourselves that we can be.

Pluto helps us recognize where we are labeling ourselves & putting ourselves in restrictive boxes that keep us from growing and advancing in our lives. Pluto is helping us to discover and embrace our unique soul-print and how we can show up as our authentic self in everyday life to work towards our legacy.

So what should I expect while Pluto is Retrograde?

Pluto is currently retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, so you Caps will feel it more intensely. For example, I am a Capricorn Rising and I am feeling this energy pretty intensely! So you don’t have to be a sun Capricorn to feel it. Wherever Capricorn or Pluto fall in your chart can be effected. Pluto is in my 9th House – the house of Expansion, so I can really feel its energy there!

The energy of Pluto will be bringing you to face the change in your life that you’ve been resisting. Opening yourself up to this cyclical energy of death and rebirth can truly begin to transform where you currently are.

Pluto energy slowing down is asking us to slow down as well. We’re now being asked to rest, reflect, and regenerate.our energy and focus towards our purpose in life at this time. By revealing our authentic self and our true feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, we can rise up and start to truly make an impact in the world in the way that feels right and real to us.

Goddess Work

The goddess Kali Ma most closely resembles the destructive element of the planet Pluto. Working with Kali can help you embody her traits and embrace change, rebuild a brighter future, and be your authentic self.

Spirit or Totem Animal Work

Work with the Phoenix in order to burn down and rise again from the ashes.

Tarot Work

Working with the Tower & Death cards are perfect for the transformational energy of Pluto Retrograde. Spend time reflecting on their meanings; determine what your unique, intuitive interpretation is of that card and its symbolism/imagery; and do some tarot journaling with the cards.

Chakra Healing

Your Root Chakra is your center of safety and security. When we have a week root chakra, we have a weak foundation that our life is currently built on. Spend time balancing, opening, and aligning your root chakra. Work with black/brown/red crystals, listen to root chakra frequencies eat red foods, and put on some tribal music and let your body move naturally in its own way, without forcing it to do what you think you should do.

Journal It Out

  • When do you most embody your authentic self?
  • What masks have you been wearing that no longer serve you, and you’re ready to shed?
  • What helps you raise your vibration and consciousness?
  • I don’t feel my authentic self when…
  • What burden are you carrying that you are ready to release?
  • What changes do you need to or want to make in your life?
  • If you were to deconstruct your entire life, what would that look like?
  • How would you rebuild a new, better life for yourself?

Write a “day in my dream life” journal entry. Spend time thinking over your dream life from the moment you wake up, until you go to sleep. Write it in the present tense, as if that is your life now! Where do you live? Who is in your life? What do you drive? What is your job? Get super sense-detailed – touch, smell, sight, feel, hear… all of it. Keep that close and read it often to help you manifest your dream life into reality!

Happy Pluto Retrograde, friends ❤

Much Love, Light, & Moonbeam Blessings,
Laura Sirena


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