April 2019| Full Pink Libra Moon

Hello beautiful souls!

We have another full moon upon us, and this month the full moon, also known as the Pink or Egg Moon, falls in the sign of Libra.

The full moon always brings about the energy to look back over our goals and intentions at the new moon earlier in the month, and see where we are. It’s a time to take stock of our growth, appreciate our journey, and express gratitude for all we have and have gained.

The full moon asks us to surrender to the divine, and have faith and trust that what is meant for us will be ours. When we are able to detach from expectations, this puts us in a place for optimal growth and unrestricted expansion.

Moonology Oracle Cards + Queen of the Moon Oracle cards

The full moon loves to see your wishes come true, and the odds are in your favor to manifest your dreams.

ATTUNE TO THE MOON: I am getting the answers I need.

The full moon brings you:

  • A wish you made is about to come true.
  • It’s make it or break it time.
  • There could be a sense of madness in the air, so remember to breathe deeply and stay calm.
  • You may need to forgive someone to release negative energy.
  • It’s time to let go of the past and move on.

The full moon marks the climax of the lunar cycle, and so it is a very powerful and magickal time.

The Full Moon in the sign of Libra

Libra is the sign of partnerships, falling in love, or strengthening the bond between you and someone very close (romantic or not). The Libra full moon can bring about new romantic relationships, or it can indicate that a very important relationship to you is about to change – either coming to an end, or moving to a new level of commitment.

Libra is also the sign of balance, equality, and fairness. Wherever you feel you are out of balance between your ego/higher self, now is the time to work through those imbalances. Journal, dance, move, meditate your way to more even footing.

You may start to notice things that aren’t serving you in your career. As this is the full moon, these infractions may seen magnified. Use this energy to start working your intentions for the next new moon, where you will begin your manifestation process over again.

ATTUNE TO THE LIBRA FULL MOON: Let go of that which is falling away.


  • See the other person through the eyes of live – it will change your perspective.
  • It’s time for you to make a firm decision.
  • Time for you to focus on yourself for awhile.
  • Look after yourself, but avoid vanity.
  • Now is a great time for a makeover.


The Libra full moon encourages you to find a balance between your desires and those of the people around you. Balance is a very Libra energy and the full moon brings things to a peak. Dramas and upsets bring partnerships to the forefront. Libra energy also brings lots of love energy, and you will find also that negotiations are easier.


  • Here are some journal prompts that you can use to help you during your full moon ritual or to help you focus and set your intentions.
  • How can I feel more trusting in my relationships and with myself?
  • Who in my life do I need to forgive, even if it is myself? What are ways I can forgive them or change my thoughts/triggers about them (this does not have to mean an in-person forgiveness, but in your heart).
  • How can I amp up my self-love & self-care routine?
  • What do I deserve that I haven’t done for myself?
  • Where do I feel I’ve been treated unfairly? How can I bring fairness into the situation? What actions can I take?
  • What are my superpowers?
  • Where do I feel my power is the strongest? Weakest?

Happy Full Moon!

Much love, light, and moonbeam blessings!

Laura Sirena


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