Oraclescopes for the week of 4/7/19

ARIES: This week you are going to see yourself getting a second chance at something you thought had run its course. This is something in line with your soul’s journey that will bring you happiness. If you have been waiting for a decision to come about, it will be made and in your favor. If you’ve been feeling out of sorts, know that you will soon be feeling much better as you grow and transform. The light is going to be shining on you this week, and you will feel regenerated and unstoppable! Enjoy it and take advantage of all of the opportunities that come your way.

TAURUS: You are going to feel charged up this week and will want to rebel against what is expected of you. Now is the time to stay in line, follow the rules, and play by the book — no matter how badly you do not want to. You will want to focus on keeping the peace this week rather than being right. It’s going to deliver you further if you get in line and follow the leader instead of blazing your own path right now. This may lead you to something you weren’t expecting, even though you are not the type to ever conform. Do so this week, and you’ll see things happen that you didn’t expect could without your provocation.

GEMINI: You may struggle this week with finding your tribe – and a sense of not belonging to the group you currently associate with. You may have found yourself growing and evolving past those you’ve called your tribe in the past. This isn’t a bad thing, and it doesn’t mean you can’t part amicably or still converse in the future, but for now it is time to address your inner feelings and to find those that have similar hobbies, beliefs, ideas, and thoughts as you that can help you journey farther along your spiritual path. Don’t be afraid to take time to yourself this week and sort through all the feelings that you’ve got going on. Assess the emotions coming up and why you are feeling that way. Keep yourself in check as well.

CANCER: This week is going to bring you a surprise blessing! You may have been feeling a little under the weather or out of sorts, but this week a surprise is going to come for you out of the blue, and that will snap you out of your low-vibe mood and thrust you face first into gratitude and thankfulness with the blessings that you are going to receive! Remember the Universe is always providing you with the things that are meant for you, that you want and need, and that you have worked hard to get. Enjoy this blessing and remember to be grateful always.

LEO: This week may find you buried under a bunch of ego-gunk. Its time to clean house – both literally and figuratively. When we live in an environment clear of clutter and can let the fresh air blow in and clear away the stagnation, we suddenly feel incredible! Get outside and enjoy nature when you need breaks. Sort through any limiting beliefs that you feel are lingering and keeping you from succeeding. Why are you feeling the way that you are? What can you do to switch around your thoughts? Getting to the bottom of WHY you are feeling and experiencing clutter in your life will open up many opportunities for you. Get through the junk and you’ll see the challenges slipping away amidst your breakthroughs. Getting a routine and schedule in place would benefit you too!

VIRGO: This week you are being called to dream, and to dream big! You have the power to manifest whatever you are daydreaming about! The universe is always working to give you what you want, as long as it fits on your souls path you can expect it to appear in your life! New beginnings and opportunities will be popping up for you, so be sure to take advantage of them even if you don’t see how it can help you at this time. It may not be right now, but in the future it’ll all make sense.

LIBRA: The time has come this week to walk away from what is no longer serving you — the job, relationship, fears that are holding you back. Whatever you know its time to close the door on, do so. You’ve been thinking on this for awhile and the time has now come. Say goodbye, and step through the next door onto a new chapter that will have magic waiting for you. Not all endings are forever, but when we can step away from what isn’t helping us move forward we can suddenly see all the other paths that lay before us, ending in enchantment and opportunities. The world will be your oyster!

SCORPIO: This week you are going to be asked to think things through and to be less impulsive. Where have you been blindly rushing into things and finding it not working out? Taking time to really explore options thoroughly and to have a plan in place will truly benefit you right now. It’s okay to take time to yourself and pull back from social commitments as you delve into what has been on your mind lately. It’s okay to be alone and think, daydream, explore, go on mental adventures, whatever you’re feeling called towards — go for it. It’ll really help you move forward and get past mental blocks.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ll find yourself relying on your intuition a lot this week. Where you have been letting your ego decide recently, you’ll now start to have a naggling feeling that you won’t be able to shake off. Your soul is trying to speak to you – so be quiet and listen to it! Your soul knows what you need and is trying to help you get it, if you’d just embrace the silence and hear it’s message. Pay attention to your dreams too, and where your mind is wandering to. You’ll find lots of hints and ideas there if you just take the time to look.

CAPRICORN: Now is the time to step away from that big goal you keep seeing far off in the distance, and assess the steps you’re taking to get there. When we focus too much on what is far away from us, we forget to pay attention to the work we’re doing to conquer those smaller goals that act as stepping stones to the big thing. Remember to enjoy the journey along the way instead of just seeing the beginning and end. All of the growth that occurs in the middle is beautiful, and if you can pay attention to those goals and stop focusing on how far away you are from the big one, you’ll get things done quicker and with more passion and excitement.

AQUARIUS: You will be connecting or reconnecting with a soul-mate this week. Soul-mates are not only someone we have passionate love affairs with. Soul-mates can be friends too, or someone that crosses our path and leaves a lasting effect on us that has us feeling changed after our experience with them. We are all connected on a deeper level, and this week you are being called to explore and enjoy those deeper connections you’ve forged with people in your life, or people that will come into your life this week. Spend time enjoying what you can learn and gain from them. When we can be in the presence of someone that we may have experienced other lifetimes with, it can bring memories or lessons from those past lives that we still need to explore more. Be open and receptive to love this week and you’ll find yourself in magical places.

PISCES: Winter is finally over and Spring is emerging this week for you. You will feel a breath of fresh air, a revitalization within you and you’ll be ready to step into the opportunities you find in your path. All these wonderful things are ready and waiting for you, and you’ll be amazed at how great you’re feeling and how this rebirth and renewal of your goals, hopes and dreams leaves you feeling ready and excited about life again! Go forward with this joy and optimism and watch yourself expand like you’ve been waiting for.


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