Ways the Universe Sends Signs

Hello beautiful souls!

Today I wanted to share with you some signs that I’ve been picking up on from the universe, and how I know that they are signs.

We’ve all heard of the word “coincidence” right? But in my world, I do not believe in coincidences. In my opinion, something can’t be so similar to another person/situation/event/thing that it doesn’t have special meaning.

I’ve recently re-started my spiritual weight loss journey by joining the gym. After joining, I began seeing the goddess Aphrodite everywhere. Whether it be someone online posting a photo of their pet, who happens to be named Aphrodite, or there being an actual post about the goddess, the signs were too often and too blatant to ignore!

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and helps to awaken the inner seductress within you. She helps you embrace your unique beauty and helps you learn to love yourself for who you are.

This was the perfect moment for the universe to send me signs from the goddess Aphrodite letting me know that she was here with me to support my journey and to help encourage and motivate me to continue on my path.


I hadn’t heard of Oshun until I began watching BehatiLife on YouTube. Oshun is also connected to beauty and love, which again makes complete sense with where I am in life right now. She is connected to the element of water – which is a reminder to be soft, feminine, flowing, and to always allow the emotions to flow through us rather than to be a dam and let them be blocked and accumulate into unhealthy junk. Oshun is represented by the bee animal spirit. Recently, before Oshun let herself be known to me, I had changed my background on my phone to a bee, had been very drawn to bee drawings on my Pinterest – and even started considering a bee tattoo. Beyond that, I was pulling the bee cards in my spirit animal decks quite often too – that was definitely more than a coincidence!


Quite often, I will see 3:13 on the clock – the date of my dad’s birthday. That’s a reminder for me to call and say hi if I haven’t talked to him in awhile.

I see 10:10 often as well, which is my son’s birthday, and a reminder that with that birthdate and being an 11 master life number, that little dude is going to do some pretty epic things in life!

You may notice patterns, animals, items that suddenly begin repeating. You may start to pull the same tarot or oracle cards over and over. Look into the deeper meaning of whatever is repeating for you, because there is most likely a message for you from the universe, your guides, the angels, or whomever you believe you receive messages from!

What ways do you notice that you receive messages?

Much Love,

Laura Sirena


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