Oracle-Scopes for the week of 3/31/19

ARIES: This week is going to provide you a new opportunity regarding your “Happily ever after” image. You are going to want to rush into this without thinking — which may actually work out in your benefit — as long as you’re following your intution, you wont be led astray. If you are owed money, it is on its way to you — and if you’re waiting on a decision to be made, it will be coming in and in your favor.

TAURUS: You will find a deepening in your spiritual awareness this week. This is going to bring about a fresh way of thinking that will trigger further spiritual growth. Work on connecting to your intuition and strengthening your relationship with your self. You will find lots of opportunities for great ideas and projects coming through, though don’t get ahead of yourself. Stay firmly in the planning stages now and don’t rush to finish it without having a good outline in place. This will ensure your success.

GEMINI: This week you may find yourself in little bickers and arguments that come after a message arrives regarding your finances. This may be disputing a bill or a check arriving that isn’t for the amount you expected. The best thing to do is step back away from your frustration or disappointment, and regain your focus and clarity. Then go back at the situation to see how it can be handled without confusion and disputes.

CANCER: You may feel like you’re carrying a burden right now, that you’re feeling stuck and unable to move forward. This time will be ending as you move into a period pf prosperous, fiery action that will have your inner fire reignited. Start to engage in your favorite activities again, and do things that you feel excited and passionate about. When we burn ourselves out, we have no desire to do anything. This week you will find your zest for life coming back and begin to move away from the burnout stage.

LEO: Your time to take action regarding your finances is going to be coming soon, with a message that will light the fire beneath you arriving. This may be coming after you’ve gone through some challenging times, but know that soon you will pass through these challenges and you’ll feel passionate about what you do to bring money in. This can be a new job, a renewed passion for the work you do, or beginning your own business doing what you love. Whatever you do, be sure to have a good plan of action and not to rush in without your ideas planned out before you.

VIRGO: You’re being offered something that you’re uncertain whether you should accept – be it a job, relationship, etc because you think its not as good as what you dream of, or its not exactly as you pictured it. You’ve gone through tough times and now you will accept nothing less than what you feel you deserve. While there is nothing wrong with this, it can sometimes block the universe from giving us what we need right now as a stepping stone to the bigger and better things. If you’ve received an offer, now is the time to say yes, you can always continue working towards your dreams while doing what is available to you now.

LIBRA: If you’re feeling very bombarded with things that need your attention that it’s actually left you in a state of inactivity – this week you may find yourself accepting help to get past this bump in the road. This can be a counselor, therapist, financial advisor, mentor, coach or teacher… that can offer you sound advice and help guide you back onto your path. If anyone comes offer insight, take it, even if you don’t resonate with their entire message, you never know what can spark inside of you from their words.

SCORPIO: You might find yourself embroiled in a disagreement with a friend, mother, or other female in your life. This is nothing more than not seeing eye to eye, but it will bring forth a lot of emotions that you weren’t ready for, or that you had buried down in the desire to avoid conflict. Accept your blame and also speak your mind, because inaction will lead to more conflict and confrontation. Handling the issues now will ensure that it doesn’t arise again. Keep your cool, stay as calm as you can, and sort it out.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re full of fiery motivation this week and ready to charge into what you’re passionate about. But the reminder to be focused and work diligently is always there. Focus your intentions on what it is you wish to manifest into your life without focusing on the “how” you’ll get it. What you wish for will manifest in the right way at the right time in whatever way the universe sees fit. Be patient, and it will come to you.

CAPRICORN: There is a life lesson for you this week. Dive into your family traditions and what you do not fully feel aligned with any longer. Wherever you feel you are holding back or feeling uncertain, use this time to explore your person beliefs and don’t be afraid to form your own traditions for yourself and/or your family that more align with how you are living your life. The path to enlightenment is one that asks us to fully be authentic in our lives, so whatever doesn’t feel authentic to you — its’ okay to drop it, or alter it to fit your life.

AQUARIUS: There’s some painful moments up for you this week. Watch how you react to certain people or situations, and work to remove yourself from any that do not help you grow and that leave you feeling belittled. If you are involved in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) that is abusive – verbally, emotionally, or physically – know that you are at the very bottom that you’ll be and that it will all be ending soon. Whatever is leaving you feel bruised will be resolving and will no longer be impacting your life negatively.

PISCES: You might find yourself tempted by something this week, and while you will really go back and forth about whatever you’re being offered, this will be bringing about a change in your mindset. Watch for the opportunities to really start using your mind for more than logical, masculine thinking. Working to balance your feminine and masculine energy this week will really help you reach your goals. Whatever happens, your new way of thinking is going to usher in a new period of growth for you, and this is just the beginning. Don’t let yourself be tempted off course by past behaviors that didn’t honor your growth or success.


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