New Moon in Pisces 3/6/19

Hello Beautiful Souls!

This week on Wednesday we have the new moon in Pisces!

Image by DarkWorkX on Pixabay

If you are a Pisces, this moon may be a bit more intense for you, or if you have a Pisces moon you may be feeling it more as well.

Pisces is a very dreamy, emotional, feminine, intuitive sign, and all of these will be heightened for us.

This new moon is a wonderful time to begin manifesting what you are dreaming about. If you didn’t catch my Beginner’s Basics to Successful Manifesting video over on my YouTube channel, you can do that HERE.

So what are some things you can work on for your new moon intentions and wishes this month? Check out the list below for all of the info!


Really get into your imagination this week and write down all of the dreams you currently have. While dreaming about what it is you want to manifest, be sure you are ONLY thinking of the good things – because our thoughts become our reality – AKA – you can manifest what you DONT want if that is what you’re always focusing on!

This moon is also great for digging deep into dysfunctional relationships and exploring the emotions around why you feel the way you do. By opening up a compassion channel, you may be able to figure out why the other person does things the way that they do – and it could help you heal the relationship too.

Your intuition is going to be heightened with the strong mystical energy of the Pisces new moon, so use this time to work on your intuitive skills or even get a tarot or oracle deck and begin working with them.


This is a wonderful time to really catalog your fears and make the decision to face them HEAD ON! Say, No More! to your ego and letting it hold you back. Your ego uses fears for a reason – to keep you in your comfort zone and to keep you playing small. But the universe needs you to show up as your authentic self, so there is no time or place to be playing small! Do what lights you up, even if it scares you!!! There is nothing but growth outside of your comfort zone, I promise!

Image by Ponciano on Pixabay


Pisces brings extra easy access to the healing energies of the new moon. Pisces is actually ruled by the planet Neptune, which has the power to take the tiniest piece of an idea that you have and turn them into beautiful daydreams — which, as you know, can then come true – thanks to the Law of Attraction!

If you’ve been thinking of visiting a Spiritual Healer – such as a Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, or Tarot Reader (Be sure to visit my shop!) this is a wonderful time as the healing energies are heightened and you’ll get maximum results & benefits.

A wonderful journal prompt for this new moon would be, “What does ‘being healed’ mean to you?”


With Pisces being a big time Dreamy sign, this is the best time to dream about all your wishes and intentions – and then surrender them to the universe and trust that what you need is what is happening.

I will be posting soon all about my process for surrendering, but basically, this the time where you visualize yourself releasing your wishes into the ether, and KNOWING that God/The Universe is working to make those wishes come true just for you. Do not doubt it, and do not obsess about it – because that keeps the lack mindset strong and will keep you even further from manifesting your wishes!

Be sure to drop in the comments any of your favorite new moon rituals or ways to make your wishes come true!

XOXO – Laura Sirena

(reference: Moonology by Yasmin Boland)


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