2019: The Year of Alignment

It’s almost the New Year, and if you’re like most people, you’ve been asked what your resolutions are. I’ve always been one to set resolutions, and in the past few years, I’ve been pretty good at keeping them. But once I began my Spiritual Journey, I wanted more than just one resolution. I wanted something that I could look to for the whole year, and that I could have smaller “goals” to work towards.

I belong to a group called the 3L Tribe. Devin, the founder, shared with us a graphic she created that she chose a word for each letter of the word Resolution, to help set and achieve your resolution. I thought it was genius! I sat down and tried to come up with word for each letter of Resolution… and I couldn’t. I just sat there, staring at my paper. Then I decided to take the word I had chosen for 2019, Alignment, and choose a word for each letter of Align. It worked!

A – Authenticity, Adventure, Action

If I plan to remain in alignment, then I need to be authentic in all that I do. I need to do things that are ME, that no one else is doing, even if it’s not popular or trendy or cool. I need to bring my own unique light to the world, and I need to shine it bright! If I want to learn, I need to be more adventurous. I need to bust out of the comfy zone, burst the bubble of what I know, and expand out into the unknown, squashing my fears at the same time. And I know I cannot achieve any of this without taking action. That means getting up, showing up, no laziness, no procrastination, no letting inactivity hold me back.

L – Love, Longevity

In order to show up, I know that I need to not only give Love, but be willing to receive love too. Love isn’t just the romantic stuff between couples. Love is the spiritual, universal currency in which all energy is exchanged. When you do something lovingly, you are creating a positive energy that is vibrating high. When you vibrate high, you inspire others to do so as well. Love literally makes the vibration of the planet go higher and higher. If you aren’t enjoying or passionate about what you’re doing, you aren’t doing it with love, and therefore your vibe isn’t high. So get into a groove of doing things with love, and be open to receiving things with love as well. I also want what I’m doing to last. I want it to be a lifestyle, and so it needs longevity. The seeds that I’m planting need to grow into a strong, sturdy plant that can withstand storms and humans, and all of that good stuff. I need to be able to be burned by the sun/fire, nearly washed away by water, nurtured by the earth, and able to stand tall in the wind/air.

I – Intuition, Inspiration, Innovation

Trusting my intuition is the #1 most important thing that I can do if I plan to be in alignment with my soul’s purpose. I need to go silent, listen and hear the voice inside that is divinely guiding me towards what serves me. This will then inspire me to take action, which will inspire others to do the same. And when I stay in alignment, when I an being my authentic self, I am then creating innovative things that no one else has or will create, because it’s of ME, and no one else is me, and no one else can create like me, which is exactly what the world needs.

G – Growth, Goals

If you aren’t growing then what are you even doing? What you’re creating needs to help you grow and move you forward along your path. If you aren’t, if you’re stuck or moving backwards, if there is no growth then you aren’t serving your higher and greater good. If you aren’t growing, you aren’t going to meet your goals, and if you aren’t setting smart, achievable goals, then you aren’t going to grow.

N – Nurture

In order to grow, I need to nurture myself, my goals, my growth, my intuition, my inspiration – you get it. That means eating well, drinking lots of water, learning, expanding my wisdom, shielding myself from negativity, and feeding myself a healthy diet of high vibes and positivity. This also means working on the shadowy parts too – which is very important! Plants an flowers cannot have sunshine all of the time, sometimes they need the dark too – to rest, to recover, to recoup.

I’d love to know what your word is for 2019, and how you plan to stick to it and end next year with all your goals met! Comment below, or feel free to join my tribe over on facebook.

Happy New Year, and may your 2019 be kick-ass!


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