December Forecast

Hello my Loves and welcome to the December Forecast. Using some of my favorite oracle decks, I’ve created a love filled, divinely guided forecast for you. I hope that this resonates with you and that you will find love, peace, and joy within the words. There is also a crystal of the month at the end, that I let my 4-year-old daughter choose.


Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck & Messages from the Fairies Oracle Deck – both by Doreen Virtue

Our theme for December is PATIENCE. This word has been coming up a lot for me lately, so it’s really no surprise I’m seeing it again as the word of the month for the Collective. The message on this card reads, “What you’re asking for is coming about. Have patience, as there are unseen factors that need to occur first.” The message for this card is, “Keep the faith, stay positive, and continue affirming and praying.” Patience isn’t always about not losing your cool with people, but when we think of it in a more inwards way, we can see how we are too invested in the idea of instant gratification. We do the hard work for a few days and when we don’t manifest what we want, we give up. Sometimes you have to do the hard work for a long time before you see results. This card reminds you that whatever you want is coming to you, just be a bit more patient and it’ll reveal itself shortly.

The word of the month is FORGIVE. It’s time to let go of anger or blame because it is holding you back. Blame takes away your power and gives it to the other person. You have a lot of power, and one way to feel it is by letting your anger go. You don’t need to forgive the other person’s actions if they really hurt you, but you do need to stop seeing that person as the enemy, because this anger is toxic to you and your body. You know that happy thoughts make your life happy, just as angry thoughts can bring more anger into your life. You know that this isn’t what you want, so surrender your anger to the universe/God/Source and to your angels as well. Being free of anger and blame gives you more power and energy, and makes you feel happy.

If you are mad at yourself, this card means that you need to forgive yourself. You can learn from your past and grow much stronger by letting go of anger toward yourself. You can do this by understanding why you acted as you did. You probably had a good reason for your actions at the time. Now, after thinking about it, you may wish that you had acted differently. But regrets aren’t helpful unless they help you learn. Everyone is learning as they go through life, even adults. Do your best to understand this, and you will be able to let go of anger towards others and yourself. This is what it means to forgive.


The Archangel Power Tarot Deck by Radleigh Valentine

This month’s message is The Chariot from Archangel Metatron, and is in regards to determination, self control, career advancement, and acknowledgment of your success by others. The Chariot is an indicator of great determination and willpower! You may feel uncertainty regarding your situation, but you need have no fear. Archangel Metatron is confirming that you have what it takes. Step out of your comfort zone and charge bravely ahead with joy and confidence! A great leap forward is coming your way. It will take balance, self-control, and hard work, but you’re ready for the task at hand. Public recognition for your success is sure to come. Allow yourself to feel pride in what you accomplish.


Soulful Woman Oracle by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers; Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild

“The love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.

When it comes to matters of the heart, your help is here. It’s all around you, and also inside of you. Your inner wisdom may seem quieted by any pain that you feel. Yet, be assured that the healing you’re undergoing is swift and efficient, and you truly are healing from the inside out. First, your heart must heal from its grief, loneliness, and any feelings of betrayal. This can take some time, so be patient with yourself. Treat yourself as you would any ailing person: with caution, gentleness, and tenderness. Next, get yourself out into the world – not in a harsh fashion, but with outings to parks, forests, and such, which are essential to lightening your outlook. Nature is the great healer, you see. This will help you regain your foothold on this planet and you’ll revive your sense of spirit and desire to tread among the living once again. I promise you that your heart will mend, and that you’ll also help others in this fashion along the way.


EMBRACING CHANGE:  The dark, fertile space of the unknown welcomes me when I grieve. When I rest in this space, something new can be birthed in my soul – perhaps a new aspect of myself, new resources or values, a new pathway or a surprising new relationship.I understand that when I grieve for someone or something dear to me, I grieve for an aspect of myself, as well. Whatever I may have lost – be it a relationship, a creative project, a job or a longed for dream – who I was in relation to that person or thing also seems to have been lost. Though the loss may be painful, holding on can create more pain than letting go. I have the courage and faith to resist filling my inner space too quickly with somethings known or predictable. Instead, I breathe and allow my soul’s wisdom to take its course. I believe, regardless of how things may appear, that change is always happening in the best way for me.

Affirmation of the Month: With every loss, I understand that something new is about to be birthed, beyond what I can imagine.


In preparation for radical growth, there can be temporary disorder and chaos. Whilst the mind may worry that something is going wrong, the spirit knows that this is the way for the old to disassemble so the new can be formed. Although you may feel out of control during such times, you do not need to resist the process. There is no need to attempt to impose your own sense of order upon the greater plan. You do not need to seek solutions, for there is no problem here in need of solving. What has been is being cleared away in preparation for the next chapter in your life. Have faith, all is well.

Do not fear. You may see the life you have known appears to be ending. You may find that the things you used to do or the way you used to think no longer seem as relevant as they once were. You may feel your relationships and friendships are changing. Some may even be ending. Perhaps you find you no longer have the energy or motivation to keep certain relationships going in your life.

However, your energy is meant to be withdrawing from what it once supported. This is not an abandonment or betrayal. It is not selfish. It is honest. When you trust in your spiritual growth, all that happens is love. That means that even an apparent loss always serves love, whether that is immediately obvious or not. It is sometimes necessary for both parties to become free to live their true destiny.

Life is a loving, creative journey for your soul. That means there will be times when the very thing you have worked towards needs to crumble, so that the next evolution of your soul manifestation upon the earth can take place. It is natural, and although it can be challenging to trust in a greater creative process during times when it seems as though there is only chaos and confusion, you are strong enough spiritually to do so. To feel peace during such times, you must trust in your inner knowledge over what appears to be.

You are divinely scheduled to evolve at this point in your life. Can you sense an  exciting growth phase happening for you? There is another way for you to live, to be, to thrive and love in this world, and you are rapidly heading towards it. This is a time to surrender control and allow a higher power to direct your course. Many exciting new opportunities, situations, and connections will come into your life as a result of what you are experiencing now. It is all part of a greater divine intelligence unfolding in loving service to your own sacred life path.

Have faith and stay true to your spiritual principles. Trust in an unfolding higher plan. Know that all changes in your life serve your higher good. The Universe knows what you need and is in the process of delivering it to you now. All is happening for a greater purpose. You can flow with the changes in loving trust. Your perfect time for resurrection will follow this deconstruction, and it will occur in the perfect way.

INVOCATION OF THE MONTH: I call upon the loving genius of the divine order that is manifesting itself into my life, now. I have gratitude for the grace, compassion, truth and liberation that is expressing itself through the changes now happening, or soon to happen, in my life. Thank you for always guiding me onto my truest and most joyful path. I ask, through unconditional love, for assistance, insight and support to help me trust in the plan of love unfolding in my life. I ask for this same gift for all living beings. Through divine grace and my own free will, so be it.



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Works with the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Motivation, Willpower, Inspiration, Ancestral Healing, Slows the aging process, keeps ones spirit young.

Associated with Mother Earth, promotes energy & life force, Strengthens the instincts and senses.

Increases self-confidence, self-worth, and helps to see ones full potential.

Much Love xx


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