How To Journal With Oracle Cards

Hello, Beautiful Souls!

I wanted to share with you just a quick post about how I use Oracle cards for journaling. If you are trying to break into journaling but struggle without prompts or find yourself spending too much time thinking about what you should write that it causes you to write nothing at all, then this post just might help you out!

I work with my cards on a daily basis. They not only help me see where I need to focus my energy and thoughts and what is blocking and challenging me, but they help me to explore these areas by using their messages as a focus for meditation or journaling.

The main key to journaling, is to not overthink it. Don’t go into a fresh blank page thinking you need to know what words are going to fill it. That’s the joy of journaling, that you don’t have to know. It’s actually the best way to do it – to go in without a topic and just let your mind fill the page freely – no editing, no planning.

Today, I chose a card from the Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild. My card was ‘Spiritual Service’ and the message is all about believing in yourself, in love, and knowing that you are seen. Each card includes an invocation, and the first sentences include the words, “Universe, I love you. How may I serve you?” This is a great place to start journaling! How can you serve the universe? How can you serve the higher and greater good of not just yourself, but of the collective?

Most oracle cards are going to give you a wonderful starting place for journaling. Its up to you to do the work, and to let your subconscious flow out without overthinking and over analyzing your words. When you allow yourself to free write, you will start to see some amazing downloads coming through. A download, or an upgrade, is when you are basically spiritually ‘leveling up’. You are growing, you are expanding, and you are the recipient of messages from the universe/Spirit/God that only you can receive and share. These are divinely guided messages to help you in your life and for you to then help others. Do not take these messages lightly, know that there is a reason you are receiving them, and know that you are worthy of these messages and the lightwork you are being asked/called to do.

Much Love xx


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