For the Week of: 11/25/18 – 12/1/18

CAPRICORN: You are being called to travel; whether physically or as a journey of your soul. You are being asked to look inward and see where your soul is calling you to go. Explore all places that have always intrigued you. If you cannot physically travel to these places, surround yourself with books, movies, photographs of these places. Create a bucket list of all of the places that call to your soul. Spend time listening to what your soul is saying and where it is guiding you to go. Whether you do take an actual trip or just visit these places through the portal of your heart, you are being compelled to move and to explore.

AQUARIUS: When we doubt and overthink, we hold ourselves back from advancing towards our purpose. Right now you are in a period of overthinking, overanalyzing, and it is creating so much doubt that you aren’t making any progress in your life. Put this all to rest and accept that you are already doing the things that you meant to do and that are leading you towards your goals. You are on the right path, you are doing all that you need to do – have patience, you are closer than you think.

PISCES: You are being led towards expansion and growth right now. Everything that seems too hard, too big, too intimidating, too unattainable… those are the exact things you are meant to do right now and those are the things that you are going to leave your mark on the world with. Let yourself be divinely guided, you will never be lead astray. This in-between time may feel confusing and uncomfortable but there is always growth and success amidst the discomfort. Continue anyway, you will be amazed at what you accomplish.

ARIES: Within each of us is a light that shines from our soul, our heart, from the very essence of our being. As we allow others to affect our confidence, or self-esteem, to create limiting beliefs, to allow society to dictate who we should be, we begin to let that light dim. You are being reminded of this light within you and that you should never ever let that light dim or go out just to please someone else or to let someone else shine their light brighter than you. You are a glorious beam of loving energy and you are blessed with the right and duty to shine your light as brightly as you possibly can. Not only do you bring abundance into your life when you shine bight, but you inspire others to do the same as well.

TAURUS: You are being called to rest this week, dear Bull. Retreat, refuel, fill up your well. The past few weeks may have been draining, and this is your reminder to give yourself the care that you need in order to thrive. What nourishes you? Take time to connect with nature, slow down with yoga, read a book, meditate. Whatever it is that makes you feel calm and gives you pause to refill your well, those are the things you are being called to do now. Eat healthy foods, increase your water intake, start taking your vitamins, treat yourself well. Be gentle with yourself.

GEMINI: Are you feeling alone? This is your reminder that you are not alone, and that your ancestors stand beside you always. You are being divinely guided at all times by Spirit, Guides, Angels, your ancestors, you are never truly alone. If you are feeling this way, speak to them. Lean towards the love and guidance that they can and do provide to you, and surrender your worries and your feelings to them. Take time for prayer, meditation, to connect with the spirit realm that is always surrounding you. When we feel the most alone is when we have the most support, even if we cannot see it, it is always there. Lean into love and let it guide you.

CANCER: You are being called to travel somewhere sacred. This can be a place within you that you’ve been ignoring that is desperately in need of being cracked open and have the light of love shine brightly within. Shadows are only scary when we let the fear of them dim our soul’s light. That light can make us less afraid of those darker places if we are willing to journey into them. Your fears are the only things holding you back. They cannot hurt you, they can only help you heal. Venture into the shadows now, crack the darkness wide open and watch how you can plant a seed in even these seemingly desolate places and watch the bright blooms that grow.

LEO: We have experienced many lifetimes and with each lifetime we are always guided by Angels and Spirit that continue on with us through each incarnation. The lessons that we learn, the sorrows we experience, it is all kept in what is called the Akashic Records. You are being called to connect with your Angels and Guides and to explore all of the lessons of this lifetime and any of those unresolved from previous lifetimes. Each of these lessons are divinely guided and are always for our higher and greatest good. No matter how painful and hard of a lesson you are currently learning, know that it is going to help you grow and expand into something bigger, something you are meant for and meant to do. Do not resist it.

VIRGO: Our soul is like a rose and sometimes we keep it closed up tight like a rosebud. Other times we are in alignment and each petal opens until we are fully in bloom. You are being called now to let each petal open and allow it without hesitation. Life is happening for you, not to you. Each trial we go through is help us learn our karmic lessons. It isn’t happening to hurt us, cause us pain, or keep us stuck. When we can accept this and believe it fully we can start to see a beautiful garden grow in our lives where everything is vibrant and full of life. Know that this is meant for you know and welcome it into your world.

LIBRA: Changes can be painful, but sometimes we need to shake our lives up to rid ourselves of what is blocking us and holding us back. What in your life right now are you clinging to that is no longer serving your greater and higher good? What transition is taking place that feels extremely painful? What are you resisting? Now is the time to explore and begin the process of releasing and letting go.

SCORPIO: You are being called to take a break this week. Do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle and you just can’t get out of it? Rest. Relax. Breathe. It will all end soon, but know that there is a bigger lesson in all of this that you are meant to learn. Let go of the need to control, surrender to the Universe and watch as things finally calm and quiet down for you.

SAGITTARIUS: Each lifetime that our soul lives we bring with us soul patterns, contracts, and karma into the next one. Now is the time to release anything that is holding you back. You are being asked to unwind, unbound yourself from these restrictions and open yourself fully to expanding in this lifetime you are currently incarnated in. By freeing yourself from your past, you can then continue on into the future with no baggage.

Much Love xx


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