hello, beautiful souls + thank you so much for joining me here. welcome to my sacred space.

The Wild+Divine in me sees and honors the Wild+Divine in you.

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Tarot and oracle cards are tools we can use to explore ourselves fully and grow spiritually. By using the cards you can see parts of your shadow, unconscious, and higher self that may be hidden from you. The tarot helps to uncover these parts of ourselves that can offer us the most growth and expansion, as well as help us receive and interpret divine messages from Spirit and our guides.

Tarot is not about seeing the future, but about creating your future.

embracing your wild

We all have an innate, inner knowing that we have carried throughout lifetimes. Deep within our soul we have a yearning to express ourselves authentically, shedding the expectations of women put upon us by society, and living our lives freely and for us. Join me in bringing awareness and divine feminine energies to this world so desperately in need of healing and remembrance of the collective togetherness we have incarnated into.

being divine

Our connection to Spirit, the Universe, our Guides, Angels, and Higher Self is imperative to navigating this disconnected world with success and love. By learning how to get and stay connected and how to communicate and receive guidance from the Spirit Realm, you will be in a position to live your purpose and express your passions. By learning to ground ourselves in our human experience yet still receiving the guidance from the Spirit Realm, we are in a position to best live out our best life.

Spiritual Lifestyle

Becoming a mom has influenced my spirituality heavily. As a stay at home mom suffering with post-partum depression, I turned to my spirituality to get me through, and be a present, mindful mom to my kids. Today, I share raw, real stories of life as a stay at home mom, parenting tips and tricks, along with information to begin and enjoy your own spiritual journey as well.

Sharing my spiritual weight loss story in real time, exploring different health and wellness topics, and sharing dairy free recipes are also included in my spiritual lifestyle posts.

Much love, light, and moonbeam blessings