What you get: Using my crystal pendulum, I will remotely tap into your energy field and see which chakras are open, and which are blocked. After determining which chakras need work, I will then conduct an energy healing to help open up the blocked chakras, and balance the opened ones so that you are at peak, optimum energy health!

During the healing ritual I will use incense, crystals, and reiki energy. You do not need to be physically present for this, as I can tap remotely into your energy. You will not need to do anything special for this, you just need to be open to receiving the healing energies that I will be sending you.

After the session, I will send you an emailed report with all the information regarding which chakras are open/blocked, what I felt during the session, and then what healing I did and what you can do to keep your chakras running smoothly.

This session is typically $50 but is on sale this week and you can grab it at $39 off!! Whoa!

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+. For entertainment purposes only. Must not replace or substitute professional medical/mental health care and assistance. No refunds. $11 sale ends 4/20/19 @ 11:59:59 pm.

Sessions are typically completed within 1-3 days of payment received; however I ask that you please allow a full 7-10 days, depending on queue/backlog, and also that I have full, strong connection to my intuition, spirit, guides & angels. I cannot send out any shitty work to anyone, I’ll only conduct energy healings when I am at 100%!

Chakra Healing Session

This includes a full diagnostic plus report.